Amazon Web Services to Invest $8.87 Billion in Singapore Cloud Expansion

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced plans to invest an additional $8.87 billion over the next five years to bolster its cloud infrastructure and services in Singapore. The investment, aimed at expanding data center capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, underscores AWS's commitment to the ASEAN market. AWS first ventured outside the U.S. and Europe with its Singapore region in 2010, and since then has injected over $8.18 billion into Singapore's cloud ecosystem. Priscilla Chong, AWS Singapore's country manager, highlighted the company's dedication to fostering digital skills in the region, with over 400,000 individuals trained in cloud computing since 2017.

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The surge in demand for cloud services, fueled by the AI boom, has positioned AWS as a crucial player in enhancing the digital economy ecosystem. Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State at Singapore's Ministry of Communications and Information, emphasized AWS's pivotal role in enabling organizations to access digital resources and advanced capabilities like AI. As Singapore continues its digitalization momentum, AWS's investment is expected to facilitate greater adoption of cloud services and AI capabilities. Moreover, AWS's expansion in Southeast Asia, including recent commitments in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, highlights the region's significance in AWS's global growth strategy.

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