CDK Global Cyberattack Disrupts Operations Across U.S. Dealerships

An ongoing hack against CDK Global, a well-known software supplier to auto dealerships in North America, has seriously interfered with over 15,000 retail outlets' ability to operate. The attack, believed to originate from a group based in eastern Europe according to insider reports, led CDK to shut down most of its systems out of caution. Despite initial restoration efforts on June 19, 2024, subsequent cyber incidents forced CDK to extend the shutdown, initiating a prolonged restoration process expected to last several days.

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Affected dealerships have resorted to manual operations, using handwritten forms to manage vehicle sales, financing, and servicing during the system outage. The disruption has underscored vulnerabilities in dealership cybersecurity, as highlighted by CDK's ongoing efforts to mitigate cyber threats through a comprehensive three-tiered strategy. The incident mirrors a growing trend where automotive businesses are increasingly targeted due to the extensive customer data they handle, posing significant operational and financial risks. This disruption follows similar cyber incidents within the automotive sector, emphasizing the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive customer information and maintain operational continuity.

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