Enfuce and Síminn Pay Partner to Introduce Sustainable Commercial Card Solution

Enfuce, a prominent issuer processing firm, has forged a transformative alliance with Síminn Pay, the fintech arm of Iceland’s largest telecom service provider, Síminn. This partnership marks a significant stride in integrating sustainability into financial services through the launch of a pioneering virtual commercial card program. Equipped with a CO2 calculator, powered by the climate action platform, Deedster, the initiative aims to empower Síminn Pay’s commercial clients in Iceland to monitor and reduce their carbon footprints in real time.

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Enfuce’s strategic collaborations extend beyond Iceland, exemplified by recent partnerships with Swile, in France, and Allpay, in the UK. These ventures underscore Enfuce’s robust growth across Europe, leveraging innovative solutions to modernize payment systems and enhance user experiences. 

The introduction of an open-loop Mastercard credit card, compatible with leading digital wallets, further demonstrates Enfuce’s commitment to providing accessible and secure financial tools. The integration of Deedster’s CO2 calculation capabilities not only pioneers environmental transparency in financial transactions but also supports Síminn Pay’s mission to foster sustainable business practices among its diverse clientele. This initiative reflects Enfuce and Síminn Pay’s shared commitment to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in the fintech and telecom sectors, setting new benchmarks for corporate responsibility and sustainable innovation.

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