NVIDIA Introduces AI Enterprise-IGX with Holoscan for Edge AI Solutions

NVIDIA recently announced the release of NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX, a collaboration withHoloscan, their IGX platform, aimed at enhancing real-time AI computing capabilities at the industrial edge. This new offering targets solution providers across medical, industrial, and scientific sectors, facilitating accelerated development and deployment of edge AI solutions. NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX promises enterprises unparalleled performance, security, and support for their edge computing needs, streamlining operations and enabling scalable AI application deployments. Holoscan, integrated with the IGX platform, serves as a sensor-processing platform designed to optimize the development and deployment of AI and high-performance computing applications, ensuring real-time insights delivery.

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The NVIDIA IGX platform has also seen significant updates, including the introduction of the IGX Orin 700, which now supports NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU. The platform includes the IGX Orin 500 system-on-module, offering flexibility in carrier-board designs while maintaining robust enterprise software support. These advancements underscore NVIDIA’s commitment to delivering powerful AI computing capabilities, seamless sensor integration, and enhanced functional safety at the industrial edge, reducing both time and costs in deploying advanced AI solutions across various industries. NVIDIA’s latest developments with AI Enterprise-IGX and Holoscan on the IGX platform aim to redefine edge computing possibilities, empowering enterprises and scientific researchers.

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