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7shifts was founded in 2014 by Jordan Boesch while working for his dad at Quiznos. He witnessed the pains of building schedules first-hand while watching his dad manage and schedule several employees across his two locations. It was at that point that he began building 7shifts.

7shifts exists with a core purpose – To simplify team management and improve performance for restaurants, freeing up time for managers to focus on serving their customers. 7shifts focuses 100% on the restaurant industry and works with best-in-class technology partners to seamlessly integrate all of the stages in the employee lifecycle – from hiring, training, scheduling, paying and engaging/retaining.

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Key Products

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Quick and easy scheduling built for restaurant teams. Scheduling a team has never been easier, faster, or more efficient. Allows users to view and update their schedule on the go. Sort it by time, role, employee or department and allows users to add, edit, delete or re-assign shifts easily and notify their team instantly, through the mobile app.

Mobile Restaurant Scheduling App

Take scheduling on-the-go for the restaurant with an easy-to-use scheduling app that restaurant managers and staff will love. Manage shifts, trade shifts, chat with teams, track hours, and more.

Allows users to quickly create and assign shifts to ensure the restaurant is properly staffed. Spend less time making schedule updates with an easy drag n’ drop scheduler and customizable templates.

Restaurant Team Communication

Allows users to send real-time messages to team members, departments, or whole teams. Easily create group chats, find coverage, or send attachments. Send one-way announcements with read receipts to ensure most important messages are received.

Allows users to sort schedules by time, role, employee or department to make sure there is coverage. Allows users to add, edit, delete or re-assign shifts easily and notify their team instantly, through the mobile app.

Restaurant Manager Log Book

Restaurant managers can stay connected from anywhere. Document and share shift notes, and assign tasks with ease. Allows users to keep notes, add shift details and create follow up tasks for other managers. The log book is easily accessible from anywhere.

Restaurant Time Clock Software

Keep track of a teams’ time and attendance with an integrated ‘time clock app’ from anywhere.

A team can easily track their time on tablets, smartphones, or a POS, even when the Wi-Fi is down. Easily edit punches and timesheets to ensure the team is paid appropriately.

Employee Engagement for Restaurants

Get actionable employee insights from the whole team. Improve coaching, reduce staff turnover and uncover operational issues early.

Restaurant Task Management Software

Create, standardize, and track important employee tasks to keep the team on track.

Create daily, weekly, or one-time tasks based on shifts scheduled. Set task timeframes, proof of completion, and duplicate tasks to cut down on manual work.

Workforce Management Software

Simplify scheduling, payroll, communication, leave management, reports and more with 7shifts.

Restaurant Hiring and Applicant Tracking Software

Easily post jobs, track and rank applicants, and get new hires on the schedule fast.

Easily post open restaurant jobs online with free hiring software. Create job postings in minutes with a simple job post builder. Add custom screening questions to identify top candidates and speed up the hiring process. Get email notifications when new applications come in.

Automatic Restaurant Scheduler

Instantly create labor-optimal schedules with 95% accuracy. Respect the teams’ availability and ensure proper coverage to run the restaurant efficiently.

Advanced AI creates schedules based on demand forecasts and staffing needs per role – in 15 minute increments. The automated schedule generator factors in labor costs, time off, availability, sales forecasts, overtime, labor compliance, and staff preferences.

Restaurant Labor Compliance Software

Stay ahead of labor laws and compliance issues with the right tools. Avoid costly compliance fees with built-in tools like overtime alerts and custom break management. Get the labor compliance tools to do it all with built-in overtime alerts, custom break management, an easy schedule publisher, and simple team communication tools.

Restaurant Operations Dashboards

Get the visibility and labor insights needed to make the right decisions for the restaurants, the team, and the bottom line.

This provides a top line view into the restaurant. Check in on sales, labor costs, and SPLH. Compare different locations by day, week or month. And easily dive into per-location metrics.

Restaurant Tip Pooling Software

Tip payouts done right, every time. Save time with easy tip pool creation and calculations.

Their simple rule creator lets users create as many pools as your restaurant needs in under a minute. Puts users in control of where the tips are coming from, which roles receive from the pool, and how distribution is calculated.

Key Executives

Jordan Boesch, CEO

Jordan Boesch is the Chief Executive Officer of 7Shifts. Prior to 7shifts, Boesch was a Founder and Developer at TaxiMe, which allowed users to get an estimation on their cab fare in over 30 cities in America. At the beginning of his career he spent time as a Frontend Engineer for VendAsta Technologies Inc. Boesch graduated from the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology with a Diploma in multimedia development.

Jim Lipuma, Chief Revenue Officer

Jim Lipuma is the Chief Revenue Officer at 7shifts, where he started as an Advisor in 2016. ​​He has been leading sales and sales operation organizations for over 30 years. Lipuma has extensive SaaS, marketplace development, online and offline media, advertising, POS, processing, restaurant tech, and recruitment experience, focused on Local/SMB, Regional and National/Enterprise-level, B2B/B2C, outside and inside sales channels. He has built and led teams in excess of 300+, with revenues surpassing $300M annually. Lipuma has experience in F500, start-up, turnaround and scale organizations and has published two books on sales leadership.

Allison McMillan, Chief Financial Officer

Allison McMillan is the Chief Financial Officer at 7shifts. McMillan joined 7shifts in 2016 as the VP of Finance, and became CFO in 2021. Prior to 7shifts McMillan was a Facilitator & Session Leader at Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. She also spent several years as a Senior Accountant at Deloitte Canada. McMillan graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor in Commerce as well as a Masters in Professional Accounting.

Corporate Responsibility

Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral means carbon emissions are balanced by carbon negative projects to eliminate impact on the environment. Research shows that sustainable businesses have an advantage over others. Becoming a carbon neutral business can help fight climate change, increase company value, improve employee recruiting and retention, build brand loyalty, attract more customers and improve the overall community. Investing in carbon negative projects offers an effective solution to take action against emissions from essential business operations that can’t be eliminated. 7shifts has gone carbon neutral, partnering with a North Carolina startup called Green Places to offset carbon production.

Customer insights

“Using 7shifts is one of the best decisions our company has ever made! It makes us more efficient and more organized. Our employees love it because they have constant access to their schedule. From a management perspective we have gotten rid of all paper in regards to scheduling. All the great features can’t be explained in one review.” – Cameron McNie, Company Administrator


“Since we’ve moved to 7shifts my email use has reduced so much and there are so many super valuable elements to the platform that are really functional for us… I appreciate the communication tools.” – Nancy Harrison, Director of Retail


“Our supervisors use the manager logbook and it has been extremely helpful in keeping everyone up to speed on daily operations, issues and ideas. We act much quicker when addressing problems with staff and maintenance, and reduce the distortion of facts when compared to transferring information along a chain of conversations. This is a valuable feature not to be overlooked.” – Shannon Stebelko, Chef and Owner


“Engage is the feature we didn’t know we needed until we had it.” – Richmond Green, Director of Operations


“Using 7shifts for BOH management makes for smooth sailing. It gives me the ability to keep track of every staff member’s availability and time off requests. What can otherwise become a messy pile of scribbles on various pieces of paper is now right in front of me when it comes time to put my weekly schedule together.” – David Smith, Sous Chef


“We use 7shifts as our comprehensive labor management solution at each of our restaurants. Our management team uses 7shifts to develop, maintain shifts and schedules for all staff, communicate restaurant and organization announcements to all staff, track revenue and labor cost metrics, and facilitate Time & Attendance. As a truly cloud-based platform via the website and the mobile app, our management corporate team can effectively and efficiently manage the workforce both remotely and at the restaurants in real-time.” – Arthur Li, Chief Financial Officer


“ 7shifts is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. By having a cloud based software program that allows my employees to enter in their availability and requested time off on their own, I no longer have to remember anything regarding scheduling issues and it requires them to be responsible for their own scheduling needs. I simply just start making the schedule and when I schedule one of our staff on a day that conflicts with their days off it gives me a conflict error. This is probably one of the best investments for keeping employee morale high! Thanks 7shifts.” – Jason Chong, Bar/Pub


“7shifts has helped us with our labor targets a lot. It’s been something we had to improve on as a company. 7shifts does a great job of giving us better eyes on our labor targets with the Budget tool that’s built-in. Several of our operations are using it, as forecasting itself takes time and training.” – TJ McReynolds, Area Director, QSR


“I used to spend over three hours every week making a schedule for my restaurant. Manually having to go through everyone’s written request and updated availability bogged down the process before ever really getting started. We got a free trial with 7shifts and I was a little skeptical. We had tried other software-based scheduling apps before but nothing seemed to flow and fit within the needs of our store. But when I finally started with 7shifts I was pleasantly surprised. The setup was easy and I was immediately stunned by the fluidity and ease that I found in getting started. Before I knew it, I was able to go from over three hours to make my schedules to now being able to do it in under 90 minutes. The employees LOVE it too! I highly recommend 7shifts to any restaurant manager. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about.” – Ryan Summers, General Manager, Full Service


“Great product with even better customer service, the team is always on the ball and happy to help.” – John Crehan, Operations Manager


“This app is a fantastic time saver for very easy and intuitive labor management.” – Mike Svechnikar, Full Service


“When we implemented 7shifts our staff was delighted – the communications tools are fantastic. Now that we’ve integrated our Toast POS with 7shifts, were getting even more out of it – managing and controlling our labor costs has never been easier.” – Barry Lowenthal, Owner

Company insights

“The industry has evolved quickly and is frequently introducing new compliance laws that directly impact restaurateurs, big and small. With 7shifts’ core offering being scheduling, it was only natural to go deeper on supporting all aspects related to scheduling compliance. 7shifts partners closely with compliance lawyers across the US to firmly understand the regulation requirements by state. From that, 7shifts builds out the necessary reporting and alerting directly into a simple team management product that all layers of management can access.” – Jordan Boesch, CEO