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Long familiar to most in the tech ecosystem, Akamai is a Boston-area company that has taken cloud services and security to the next level. Since it’s birth at MIT, it has become one of the biggest players in content delivery network (CDN) systems, ensuring web users the safest, fastest, and most reliable experiences the internet can offer. The Akamai Intelligent Platform bridges the gap between users and servers using both physical networks and cloud computing. Simply put, if you’ve used the internet in the past two decades, Akamai has been your undercover chaperone.

CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Tom Leighton created Akamai with mathematician Danny Lewin as internet technology was set to explode globally. Although Lewin tragically passed away during the September 11th attacks, Dr. Leighton has been a steady captain for the company since its foundation in 1998. He has grown the company into the global leader in web content and media delivery solutions, leading a workforce of over 7500 employees. In 2019, the company reported annual revenue of $2.7 billion, an 8% increase overall.

Key Products

1. Security Solutions – Online threats are constantly changing. Offering protection against the largest and most sophisticated attacks, Akamai helps you safeguard your websites and other Internet-facing applications from the risks of downtime and data theft.

2. Web and Mobile Performance – Connected audiences expect instant, reliable, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere.

3. Media Delivery Solutions – Consumers expect a flawless viewing experience and instant access to high definition video content on any screen.

4. Network Operator Solutions – Subscribers expect a broadcast quality experience with engaging video content on any device.

5. Akamai Professional Services – Akamai’s Professional Services team inspires innovation and removes complexity as your strategies evolve, integrating and deploying solutions with ease and keeping business running smoothly 24×7.