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The subscription-based service sells business planning software and provides data to help companies make business decisions spanning the gamut from HR to finance. They sealed their status as a unicorn in 2016, after a $90 million funding round pushed their valuation up over $1 billion. One of the many cloud-based connectivity companies that seemed to benefit from the global pandemic’s new shift to a work-from-home economy, Anaplan shares rose 12.4% in May.

The company experienced a 36.9% revenue growth, with a bookings growth of only 10%. The company has a total of 1,600 employees, and generally sets its sights on top-level executives for its customer base. Their comprehensive platform is designed to replace tools that don’t communicate with each other (for instance, from developers like IBM and Oracle) to eliminate inefficient and costly processes, streamline data processing and improve planning and decision making.

Key Products

1. Product Portfolio Management – Support new product planning and see how new product introductions impact overall planning strategy. Automatically forecast product revenue, cost, and profit.

2. Hyperblock – Anaplan’s Hyperblock architecture is a hybrid of relational, vertical, and OLAP databases with an in-memory data store multi-threaded calculation engine