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Construction companies and contractors have special workforce management needs, and Arcoro offers a suite of modular software that enables companies to address them successfully. Arcoro is the only HR technology company focused on the construction industry, offering solutions to help companies hire, manage and grow their back office, professional, and skilled trade workforce. Arcoro’s suite of modules includes applicant tracking, onboarding, learning management, core HR, benefits, ExakTime time/attendance tracking, compensation management, performance management, and succession planning.

Companies can choose to leverage one or all of the modules, and many customers start with one or two and add more as their needs change or their organization grows. Modules within Arcoro’s suite are fully integrated, but they also integrate with other construction technology including project management, workforce management, and accounting systems. Arcoro maintains strong partnerships with other leading construction tech providers to ensure a seamless experience for customers.

More than 10,000 construction companies and contractors of all sizes in North America rely on Arcoro to help them address their HR needs. Every day, more than 1 million construction pros clock in and out on an Arcoro product. Arcoro strives to deliver the best experience for employees in the field and in the office.

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