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ArisGlobal is transforming the way today’s most successful life sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Their end-to-end drug development technology platform, LifeSphere®, integrates their proprietary Nava® cognitive computing engine to automate all core functions of the drug development lifecycle.


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Key Products


LifeSphere has been developed hand in hand with pharmaceutical leaders who have been there, done that, and know there’s a better way. By looking at the current technology and understanding what areas of the R&D workflow need improvement, Product Leaders work in tandem with the LifeSphere Advisory Board to ensure LifeSphere is giving you, the customer, what you need to power ahead.

1. LifeSphere Safety offers a complete platform of products developed and refined through partnerships with organizations to be the best solutions available.

2. LifeSphere Clinical is a complete, cloud-enabled solution that provides a way for clinical operations and clinical data management teams to work seamlessly together.

3. LifeSphere Regulatory solutions offer next level support and enablement to organizations providing easy compliance to help achieve breakthroughs.

4. LifeSphere Medical Affairs solutions collects medical intelligence, streamlines product complaints across channels, and automates reporting based on an organization’s needs.

Key Executives

Mike Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, ArisGlobal, Chairman of the Board

Mike Gordon is the CEO of ArisGlobal, a global life sciences technology provider with innovative and market leading solutions. He has also served as Chairman of its Board since 2020. Mike is a seasoned professional with a well-established background in global leadership roles, mainly within technology-focused organizations.

Pat Jenakanandhini, Chief Product Officer

Pat Jenakanandhini serves as ArisGlobal’s Chief Product Officer, where he oversees all product strategy and management functions. Prior to ArisGlobal, Pat served as Senior Vice President of Products at Accruent and Chief Technology Officer at BlueCielo, acquiring several years of experience building and delivering SaaS products including serving.

Aman Wasan, Chief Commercial Officer

Wasan is an expert in general management and commercial leadership with a deep understanding and knowledge of drug safety and clinical research. Since joining ArisGlobal in 2018, Wasan has excelled in six different positions, most recently as Senior Vice President of Global Commercials, where he managed global enterprise business.

James Jarrett, Chief Financial Officer

Jarrett brings over a decade of executive leadership experience driving revenue and cash flow growth. He has partnered with management teams and boards of directors of high-growth companies undergoing rapid change.

John Landy, Chief Technology Officer

Prior to joining ArisGlobal, John has held CTO positions at other SaaS-based companies and has almost 30 years of experience in the software industry. Most recently, John was the CTO at Sovos, a privately held global tax and compliance software company.

Russ Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer

Based out of New York City, Russ is focused on the Professional Services organization along with multiple operational areas of the company in his newly created role of Chief Operating Officer.

Kathleen Turland, Chief Legal Officer

Turland is a global strategic leader with more than 20 years of legal experience. She brings her broad range of legal and business skills to ArisGlobal, having worked with companies experiencing significant growth and expansion over the years, including General Electric, and FUSE Group.

Clint Wolfe, Chief Human Resources Officer

Clint Wolfe heads Human Resources at ArisGlobal. Prior to joining the company, Clint acquired more than 20 years’ of Human Resources experience with a proven track record of leading diverse global teams and delivering results.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate citizenship program focuses on three areas of commitment:

1. Expanding Global Opportunity

In collaboration with local organizations, they operate and support several programs that give hundreds a leg up on their future success in the global economy. These programs focus on language and leadership education, building local schools and libraries, and skill development around self-esteem, health, and hygiene.

2. Enriching the Environment

The health of the planet directly impacts the health of humankind. ArisGlobal leads several active initiatives to significantly reduce the company’s carbon emissions and energy consumption (including solar panels powering our data centers), and continue to offset them via the Cultivating The Forest program.

3. Encouraging Work Wellness

Their team of 1,500+ global professionals is unparalleled. Investing in their health means they are able to do even more to support health innovation with customers. Employees are supported to participate in programs that improve their physical and mental wellness. From 5K runs to interdepartmental games, they strive to promote a healthy lifestyle at work and in life.

Sustainability Is Central To Strategy

The health of the planet directly impacts the health of humankind. ArisGlobal leads with a hands-on approach to sustainability by integrating environmental health, social equity, strategic governance, and economic vitality to create thriving, resilient communities for generations to come. Their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) committee aligns corporate goals with environmental objectives, holds ArisGlobal accountable to deliver on defined targets, and inspires them to find new ways to improve their relationship with the planet. Composed of colleagues across their company, this group guides them to become more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Supporting Policy for the Planet’s Health

ArisGlobal supports the Paris Climate Agreement, because climate change is one of the planet’s most critical environmental challenges. This serious concern warrants meaningful, global action to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gasses. All sectors of society, the economy, and government must participate in solutions to climate change.

Sustainability Starts at Home

Their commitment to sustainability starts with how they develop our products and at the locations where they work. Innovations like cloud-based software delivery, paperless workflows, and automation all help to reduce physical waste and energy use and cut carbon emissions.

Operational sustainability is a key focus area for ArisGlobal, inspiring them to build LEED-certified offices, set a 100 percent renewable energy goal, and establish the Cultivating The Forest program.

Technology Innovation for Sustainability

For decades, ArisGlobal has developed technologies that significantly reduce the resources and time companies need to bring medicines to market. Today, they are committed to the newest advances, like state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning with LifeSphere, that will positively impact the health and well-being of millions of humans and animals across the globe. Supporting data-driven healthcare decisions can be energy-intensive, so ArisGlobal has created resilient renewable energy sources, investing in solar panels and implementing energy-efficient technology.

Customer Insights

“Our decision to upgrade to LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance was based on better integration, improved case management, reduced costs, and the ability to reach even higher compliance requirements of our customers and regulators. This integrated solution allows APCER to focus on the unique requirements of our customers with a tool that is as compliant, and collaboration focused as we are.” – Ravi Menon, Chairman of the Board, APCER


“We are very pleased to be building on our partnership with ArisGlobal to make this innovative technology accessible to other pharma companies for the benefit of patients.” – Markus Schümmelfeder, Head of IT at Boehringer Ingelheim.


“LifeSphere MultiVigilance was the best choice to align with our core tenets of high quality and efficiency. By pairing our team’s deep global regulatory experience with an innovative drug safety platform that embodies decades of pharmacovigilance industry expertise, we help our clients bring new drugs and therapies to market faster and more cost-effectively.” – Dr. Jinsong Xing, Founder and Chairman, Xihua Scientific