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Headquartered in Reading, UK, Ascent delivers software, data science, data engineering, and advanced analytics services to organizations across the world. Founded in 2003, Ascent enables full-scale digital transformation for its customers through software product development, analytics and data science, IoT solutions, machine learning, DevOps optimization, and modernization of applications, data and platforms. With its primary business in Europe, Ascent has worked with companies across industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, retail, healthcare, and financial services.

In 2019, UK-based private equity firm Horizon Capital purchased a majority interest in Ascent, bringing on CEO Stewart Smythe to oversee its organization. Founder and COO Joseph Sultana co-heads the company’s management team, which also includes CFO Ben Hudson and George Earp, chief of strategy. Near the end of 2020, Ascent successfully acquired Mango Solutions, one of the UK’s largest data science consulting firms and an established partner of the company. Smythe points to the COVID-19 pandemic as a driving factor in the company’s growing demand over the last year, with organizations everywhere racing toward full digital transformation. Clearly, the company intends to utilize its assets to make data science a linchpin of its success.