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Axio is the leader in SaaS-based cyber management software, which empowers security leaders to build and optimize security programs and quantify risk in financial terms. Axio360 is the only cyber risk management platform to align security leaders, business leaders, and Boards of Directors around a single source of truth about their most critical corporate risks. Since 2016, Axio has been a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, and financial services companies, helping drive better visibility and decision-making about cybersecurity priorities and investments.


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Key Products

The Axio360 platform is designed for self-sufficiency, and users don’t need a Ph.D. in statistics to get started. In as little as two days, users can learn the impact of their top cyber risks and decide which controls will most reduce the financial impact of an attack. While their method is easy to implement, Axio has supported over 2,000 organizations with complex IT and OT environments in critical infrastructure, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and financial services.

Key Executives

Scott Kannry, CEO and Co-Founder

Scott Kannry is the CEO and Co-Founder at Axio, which began in 2015. Prior to Axio, Kannry spent several years at Aon Risk Services, first as an Associate Vice PResident of the Financial Services Group before becoming a Vice President. Kannry received a Bachelors from Case Western Reserve University before receiving both a JD and an MBA in Finance from Northwestern University.

David White, President and Co-Founder

David White is the President and Co-Founder of Axio. White is an accomplished cybersecurity and business continuity strategy and management consultant with expertise in developing and using maturity models, benchmarking diagnostics, and training to support organizational improvement in cybersecurity and resilience. Before becoming President, White was the Chief Operating Officer at Axio for 5 years. White received a Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Daniel Hirt, Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Hirt is the Chief Operating Officer at Axio. Hirt joined the company as the VP of Operations and Strategy in 2017, and became COO in 2019. Prior to Axio, Hirt worked as the Chief Transformation Officer at TwentyEighty, a Providence Equity Partners portfolio company. Hirt graduated with a Bachelor’s in computing & information systems from Northwestern University, as well as a JD and MBA from Northwestern University.

Paul Bjarnason, Chief Commercial Officer

Paul Bjarnason is the Chief Commercial Officer at Axio. Bjarnason is an accomplished executive and management team member with extensive international software and services experience with a focus on delivering and managing global go-to-market infrastructures and teams, diverse management expertise driving business results through implementing operational discipline.

Customer insights

“Our initiative with Axio will help our member organizations and the broader financial services community more effectively use the Profile as a controls management tool. As a result, financial organizations will be better enabled to succeed in the cyber fight by allowing them to focus on risks that matter the most.” – Josh Magri, CRI President and Founder


“We are excited to be partnering with Axio in helping our member organizations build stronger, more resilient cybersecurity programs. With increasing attacks across all sectors, Axio is uniquely positioned to help companies identify critical cyber risks and operationalize improvements.” – John Sullivan, Chief Information Officer of MLS


“We needed efficiency to do our job correctly and for Riverstone to grow and be protected from new and unforeseen cyber risks. The Axio360 platform was a quick and efficient way for us to help our companies improve in specific cybersecurity areas. It’s important to protect capital for our investors and make sure our companies perform― the results were evident quickly.” – Eliot Cotton, Principal and Assistant General Counsel of Riverstone