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Category: Cybersecurity
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  • Top Software Company of 2020


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Cyber attacks can come from anywhere, and keeping IT environments safe is a top priority for any business. For over 15 years, Centrify’s aim has been to move security beyond old ideas of privileged access, implementing their Zero Trust Privilege approach to identity management.

The company’s software and cloud-based services allow companies to better manage privilege throughout their network. This includes the ability to secure and audit access and control of users, as well as easier maintenance of overall Privilege Access Management (PAM). By limiting access to accounts, attacks can be stopped earlier, even when they come through compromised privilege. Their PAM-as-a-Service stands out in the cybersecurity industry to this day.

Centrify CEO Tim Steinkopf is committed to keeping up with new technologies to stay ahead of any “bad actors” looking to penetrate system weaknesses. As an elite cybersecurity company, Centrify serves 5000 customers, including half of Fortune 100 companies. Since 2018, private equity firm Thoma Bravo has been the majority investor of the company, which is based in Santa Clara, California, with additional offices in Utah and Washington state.

Key Products

1. Privileged Access Service – Cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege is designed to handle the rudimentary use case of privileged access management (PAM), which lies in granting access to privileged user accounts via a shared account, password or applications password and secrets vault, as well as securing remote access.

2. Authentication Service – Cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege is designed to handle requesters that are not only human but also machines, services and APIs.

3. Privilege Elevation Service – Centrify Privilege Elevation Service minimizes the risk exposure to cyber-attacks caused by individuals with too much privilege.

4. Audit And Monitoring Service – For privileged sessions it is best practice to audit everything. With a documented record of all actions performed it not only can be used in forensic analysis to find exactly the issue and attribute it to a specific user and session.

5. Privilege Threat Analytics Service – Cyber adversaries are getting more and more sophisticated and therefore it is best practice to apply multiple security layers when protecting against privileged access abuse.