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Since 2009, Cloudflare has been on a mission to help build a better internet by stopping malicious traffic and optimizing content delivery. Founded by Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn, Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services. Its infrastructure hosts well-known websites such as Zoom, Spotify, Reddit, and YouTube, among millions more, making it one of the largest networks in the world. Unlike other CDNs, Cloudflare focuses on network security as well as performance, and the company has indicated it may enter the cloud hosting sector dominated by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, as well as compete against Google Analytics with a more privacy-friendly offering.

Cloudflare is run by two of its co-founders, CEO Prince and COO Zatlyn. The two have led the company to annual revenue of $430 million and a market cap of $33 billion, making each of them a billionaire. In addition to its financial success, the company has received numerous industry awards, including 2021 “Most Innovative Companies” and “World Changing Ideas” from Fast Company.


Key Products

Cloudflare One

Dubbed “the network-as-a-service for a work-from anywhere world,” Cloudflare One is a solution for enterprises that establishes secure communication and resource connections for remote users, offices, and data centers. The network simplifies connection processes, and can arrange branch office on-ramps. Working a truncated timeline, Cloudflare One can even handle the trickier aspects of application access delegation.

Cloudflare for Infrastructure

This solution embodies the needs of infrastructure consolidation for online business. All websites, APIs, applications, and other key channels are brought together with assurance for performance and reliability. Cloudflare for Infrastructure can maintain quality for all Internet-related, business-imperative connections.

Cloudflare for Teams

For group-access situations, Cloudflare for Teams has access security down to a science. Open enterprise needs are made secure with this solution, which replaces legacy security perimeters with Cloudflare’s global edge and can integrate with extant identity providers. Users will notice the enforcement of consistent access controls across all cloud, on-site, and SaaS applications. Cloudflare for Teams sets up identity, posture, and context-driven rules to safeguard applications.

Cloudflare Workers

This model puts the power of coding in the hands of the user. A serverless application platform, Cloudflare Workers can deploy the code and subsequently facilitate scaling, performance, and consistency in the interest of the client. Assembling applications on the Cloudflare network makes for less cold starts, built-in edge storage, and increased profit opportunities.

Corporate Responsibility

Charitable Causes

Online fundraising platform RaiseDonors has repeatedly turned to Cloudflare to detect bot activity and stop it from interfering with metrics. The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network has also been designated to help RaiseDonors lessen page loading times and boost overall performance during high-traffic fundraising cycles. Over the course of the three-day Giving Tuesday event, Cloudflare WAF detected and blocked more than 18,000 attacks. RaiseDonors has attributed a 40% increase to average donation amounts and 13% surge in conversion rates to the expert assistance provided by Cloudflare.

Diversity & Inclusion

Cloudflare has signed on to several inclusion-related agreements. The EU charter specifically targets gender equality in its overall inclusive culture promotion, and Cloudflare has pledged to implement and promote five actions for women in the digital sector. The actions are to: instil an inclusive, open, female-friendly company culture, recruit and invest in diversity, give women in tech their voice and visibility, create the leaders of the future, and become an advocate for change

The UK Tech Talent Charter, also embraced by Cloudflare, aims to increase diversity in the UK Tech industry with a goal of total quality in representation. By signing this charter, Cloudflare agreed to improve diversity in the sector through collaboration and the consistent contribution of employment diversity statistics.

Cloudflare has established recruiting partnership programs with several organizations such as PowerToFly, NationalSales Network, and Anita Borg for Grace Hopper Celebration in order to recruit from underrepresented groups. The company also supports returnships for mothers or individuals taking leave to care for a loved one. Partnerships are in place with [email protected] and Path Forward.

Cloudflare has set up 14 employee resource groups, and was chosen as one of Human Rights Campaign’s Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.