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Based in the United Kingdom, CloudPay provides managed payroll services to multinational organizations with its single, unified SaaS solution. The company delivers end-to-end managed payroll services with its innovative platform that helps reduce costs while improving operations and minimizing manual processes. CloudPay ensures standardized and streamlined payroll functions across different geographies, maintaining compliance and increasing payroll data visibility, helping executives determine new ways to save money.

Founded in 1996 as Patersons, CloudPay has been innovating cloud-based solutions for more than 25 years. In 2001 the company launched the first cloud-based payroll platform for multinational organizations, giving it a tactical advantage over its competition through the early stages of mass cloud development. Throughout the last two decades, CloudPay achieved success while innovating in the fields of digital payments, payroll data analytics, and managed services, and in 2011, it entered a strategic partnership with Workday to provide payroll services for the California-based software company.

Since 2015, CEO Paul Bartlett has led the company’s internal operations and processes while guiding it to create the future of global payroll software. In addition to its all-in-one platform, CloudPay’s in-house payroll experts provide industry-leading managed services and treasury management. Earlier this year, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Edward Shenker was named to The Software Report’s The Top 25 Software Sales Executives of 2021, recognizing his efforts driving the company’s sales during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Key Products

Employee pay processes have broad business consequences, requiring modern solutions and trusted experts. CloudPay is defining the modern pay experience by providing a unified global payroll, treasury, and on-demand pay solution across 130+ countries.  

CloudPay’s solutions connect all employee pay processes – including payroll, payments, and on-demand pay – through a unified platform. CloudPay’s experts help companies implement best practices, navigate change, optimize operations, and improve employee experiences.

CloudPay is the only provider that guides global companies with vision and care toward the comprehensive pay experience employees deserve.

Over 1,500 multinational companies have chosen to work with CloudPay for their global employee pay needs. That’s because CloudPay’s teams are obsessed with improving global payroll, treasury services and on-demand pay – focused on creating a new standard for global pay automation, control, accuracy, and flexibility.

CloudPay is with you every step of the way because employee pay is what they do.

Corporate Responsibility

CloudPay is an equal opportunities employer. CloudPay is proud to employ a diverse workforce of over 700 people who work in our offices, and from home, all around the world. The company treats all its employees fairly and with the dignity they deserve, regardless of their circumstances. 

To help CloudPay maintain diversity in its organization, CloudPay invests heavily in its people ensuring that they’re challenged in their roles and given the development they need to grow. CloudPay operates an internal opportunities system, enabling employees to seek out new challenges in different areas of the organization or even new locations.

CloudPay’s flexible approach towards employing the right people for the right jobs allows us to ensure that we don’t miss out on hiring talented individuals. We have a core working hour policy in place – between 10am and 4pm – so employees can manage their time around our different global locations. In addition, CloudPay has a flexible working policy that allows employees to request part-time working, job sharing, different working hours or place of work.

CloudPay know that there’s more to life than work. Employee wellbeing is a top priority at CloudPay, even more so during the pandemic. This is why the company organizes regular social events across all regions, online and in person where restrictions allow. And CloudPay offers access to a wellbeing community for all its employees plus a subscription to the Calm app.

CloudPay is also committed to reducing its company’s carbon footprint. In all its offices CloudPay provides glasses and mugs, rather than single-use plastic cups, and filtered water to reduce the need for plastic water bottles. CloudPay has energy-efficient lighting and encourages recycling across its office locations. The company also fostered a virtual culture since before the pandemic, encouraging employees to attend meetings remotely where possible, instead of flying from office to office.

Customer Insights

“In a time of great uncertainty, CloudPay offered Expedia timely and knowledgeable guidance. The support CloudPay offered enabled Expedia to stay current on the myriad of changes country by country and take action accordingly.” Global Head of Payroll at Expedia Group


“With CloudPay, Visa introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload to employee pay with few manual interventions. This process is less error prone, fully auditable and most importantly accurate.” EU Payroll Manager at VISA


“The investment CloudPay has made into their analytics tools and into their AI tools has made my job a lot easier. I can see in a few clicks the current status of my payrolls and what’s going on. For me, that’s a fantastic tool that I can’t get with any other vendor.” Head of Finance-Payroll at Refinitiv


“The culture at CloudPay is similar to ours. We can partner, we can make decisions together. It’s like being among friends – you can say what you think and CloudPay will support that. It’s not just a simple provider to client relationship.” Global Head of Payroll at Groupon