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Profile is a messaging platform that allows marketers to take an idea and turn it into a powerful automated message campaign. The world never stops growing and changing, and neither should your data. Their powerful logic based tools help you capture every edge case and connect to the real people in your audience. Built for flexibility, designed for usability, and affordable for everyone.


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Key Products provides a blank canvas to design and implement a business’s unique messaging strategy. provides multiple ways to get real-time business data from a product into a platform to power all automated messaging and keep your database up-to-date.

Key Executives

Colin Nederkoorn, Founder & CEO

Colin Nederkoorn is the co-founder and CEO of, which enables users to send newsletters to selected segments of customers using their website data. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Zhi Li, Chief Financial Officer

Strategic CFO focused on scaling fast growing tech companies and building high performing teams across multiple functional areas. Proven track record in M&A, equity and debt financing transactions with both venture capital backed and private equity backed companies.

Matthew Newhook, Chief Technology Officer

Newhook has been with for over 7 years, starting as Director of Engineering, then working as the Vice President of Engineering before being appointed Chief Technology Officer. Before joining Newhook worked as the Head of Engineering and then as President of Rocket City Studios Canada.

Corporate Responsibility strives to create a fair and inclusive workplace that empowers the team to do their best work. Being a remote-first team, it’s important to make space for creating connections and sharing experiences together. wants DEIBA thinking to affect every part of the company, from how they communicate our brand and product to how they design and build the product to the people who make a great place to work. They believe that expanding their knowledge, skills, and minds in creative ways can foster a culture of approaching their professional projects in open and fresh new ways.

Customer Insights

“The most important character trait for any developer is to be an inquisitive problem solver. When a person is curious about problems, it drives them to really dig into a problem to understand it. Then they are curious about how to solve it, including technologies they know and new ones. They will explore multiple solutions and collaborate with others. Once they have the solution implemented, they are still curious to make sure it worked and follow up.” – Julia Miller, Software Engineer


“I have learned so much over the past few years, both personally and professionally, while at From my specific role in engineering, I have learned about programming in Go, our platform architecture, and developing application program interfaces (APIs). From being an Ami and participating in our awesome workshops and Slack channels, I have learned about new crafts, music genres, cultures, foods, and mindfulness practices. Being a part of has truly enriched my life.” – Soris Cox, Software Engineer


“What I love most about is the people. Being remote enables me to work with people from all over the world – from Denmark to Pakistan to Australia – and it’s always a joy to get together with people in person to spend time together during company retreats.” – Gabby Kustner, Sr. Manager, Content & Distribution


“I love working with With data at the core of both of our businesses, our products complement each other really well. We’re able to build incredibly targeted and personalized campaigns where the only limit is our imagination.” – Bradley Gula, Content at Clearbit

Company Insights

“Every business that serves customers has the challenge or goal to make their life better. helps with edge cases by using intent from behavior data to better help with the problems they came to solve.” – Colin Nederkoorn, CEO


“We built the advisory board to listen and collaborate with customers about the future of communication tools. It’s not about marketing and upsells, it’s about sharing our experiences and discovering what we need to build next together.” – Brian Thomas, VP of Product