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The cloud is a scary place for many businesses to navigate, so Datadog makes system monitoring less complicated and more efficient. The company’s software is built for modern applications and allows operators and developers to see their entire infrastructure simply. Features include customizable dashboards with real-time interactivity, in-app communication tools, and a targeted alert system that acts before serious issues occur anywhere within the full stack. Data analytics are also made easier with Datadog, which lets companies see metric, log, and APM data in easy to understand visual graphics. Network Performance Monitoring provides visibility into network flows across environments, providing instant information about performance and dependency.

Even in a turbulent market, Datadog continues to grow. The New York-based company has seen its stock rise to an all-time peak during an economic crisis, proving that their value as a data platform is essential. Driven by co-founders Olivier Pomel and Alexis Lê-Quôc, the company has amassed a customer base of over 150,000, including major tech companies like Spotify and Facebook, which utilize Datadog’s services to monitor both cloud-based and physical servers. As of 2020, the company boasts an enterprise value of nearly $2 billion.

Key Products

1. Integrations – With turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full devops stack.

2. APM – Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance.

3. Logs – Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data.

4. Synthetics -End-to-end user experience visibility in a single platform.

5. RUM – Prioritize business and engineering decisions with user experience metrics.