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Sunny Santa Clara, California is home to DataStax, the data management company that provides enterprises with databases that are easy to access and operate simply. Built upon Apache Cassandra, the NoSQL database system, DataStax Enterprise provides operational reliability, monitoring, and security to web, mobile, and IoT applications across multiple datacenters and clouds. Whether companies require large or small database size, DataStax offers painless scalability for companies reliant on cloud-native, bare-metal, or hybrid systems.

Co-founder and CTO Jonathan Ellis has seen his company grow from its foundation in Austin, Texas in 2010 to its current value of nearly $2 billion. Along with CEO/Chairman Chet Kapoor, Ellis leads a staff of over 450 engineers, data architects, and more as they serve over 1100 companies worldwide. Corporate enterprises like Capital One, Delta Airlines, and Sony rely on DataStax to power their operations, and the company expects continued growth in the database market, already a $60 billion industry.

Key Products

1. Datastax Studio – The best developer tool to visualize, profile, and manipulate data stored in DataStax databases

2. DataStax Astra – DataStax Astra simplifies cloud-native Cassandra application development. It reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, removing the biggest obstacle to using Cassandra, which is behind many of the most heavily used applications in the world.

3. DataStax Vector – Vector is an AIOps service that continually assesses how Apache Cassandra is used to provide near real-time expert advice, knowledge, and skills so that operators and developers can be consistently successful with Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters.

4. DataStax Enterprise – DataStax Enterprise is scale-out data infrastructure for enterprises that need to handle any workload in any cloud.

5. Apache Cassandra Рis a distributed database that delivers the high availability, performance, and linear scalability that today’s most demanding applications require. It is the database of choice for high growth applications that span across cloud service providers, data centers, and geographies.

Denise Gosnell – Former Strategy Team and Chief Data Officer