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Under parent company Salesforce, Datorama is a marketing analytics platform that utilizes AI-driven technology to allow customers to collate all of their marketing data into one place. With an eye-pleasing, intuitive interface, users can easily visualize data and customize dashboards that are shareable across their teams.

Salesforce recently announced two new marketing tools under the Datorama platform that should improve visualization for agencies and simplify data preparation. The new Harmonization Center will help marketers receive a more accurate analysis of data through improved enrichment and classification. Data Canvas will help companies design custom interactive dashboards to share with their team for richer insights.

Datorama’s new tools let users extract data from different sources so marketers can improve future campaigns and customize them for different regions, business units, and product lines.

Key Products

1. Datorama – Discover the smarter way to connect and analyze marketing data with Datorama.