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Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Digitate is the company behind the Ignio platform, a cognitive AI solution used for automating IT processes and tasks. When repetitive tasks are automated, operational costs decrease creating greater financial agility. Not to be confused with machine-learning (ML), cognitive automation leverages both ML and artificial intelligence to increase the speed and scale of a company’s business technology. Ignio also enables predictive and proactive operations that prevent problems before they happen and without dedicated human supervision. Maintenance issues across systems are automatically flagged and resolved quickly, ensuring network and application failures are limited.

Digitate is helmed by Global Head Akhilesh Tripathi and was founded as a software venture of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of India’s largest IT companies. The software venture specializes in solutions for industries like aviation, financial technology, and utility management, but is always looking to expand. The company touts technology partners including IBM and Google Cloud.

Key Products

1. ignio AIOps – Combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to deliver proactive, agile, and reliable IT Operations for superior customer experience and business assurance.

2. ignio AI.Workload Management – Assure Business SLAs by proactive and predictive workload management operations

3. ignio AI.ERPOps – Use ignio’s cognitive automation to bring in proactive, agile and resilient ERP operations across your enterprise

4. ignio AI.Digital Workspace – Create a happier, secured and highly productive digital workspace experience.

5. ignio Cognitive Procurement – Enable procurement to tap into abundance while alleviating risk with Cognitive Procurement.