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Dstillery is the leading custom audience solutions company, empowering brands and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and transform the way they connect with their audiences. They’re a group of relentlessly curious data scientists, engineers, and marketing and advertising professionals solving companies’ toughest problems in the face of constant technological change.

They put their clients first. When their clients succeed, they succeed. And they hire smart people like you to be successful. At Dstillery, they work hard AND they play hard which is why they offer perks including unlimited paid time off, summer Fridays, comprehensive benefit plans & a 401(k) with a company match.

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Key Products

Custom AI Audiences

Built by analyzing first-party data, their Custom AI audiences create a profile specific to the client’s unique brands. Helping brands achieve unmatched growth and new customer acquisition.

Custom Patient Targeting

Designed for healthcare brands, Custom Patient Targeting is a privacy-safe patient targeting solution. It doesn’t rely on any form of user-based targeting, ensuring 100% compliance with all laws, policies, and guidelines.

Custom Built Audiences

Reach target persona without first-party data by creating unique combinations of their Pre-built Audiences.

Pre-built Audiences

Allows clients to reach target audiences but aren’t looking for a custom solution, they can use one of Dstillery’s thousands of behavioral, demographic, and location-based audiences to achieve campaign goals.

Key Executives

Michael Beebe, Chief Executive Officer

After a long career as a public markets TMT investor, Michael joined Dstillery in 2017 to help it build value on a foundation of data science. They have launched and scaled a rapidly growing, high-margin Audience Data business on top of our legacy media business, and are working toward a next generation of targeting products for brands and their agencies to drive further growth in 2021 and beyond.

Patti Boyle, Chief Marketing Officer

Strategic Marketing Leader responsible for planning and driving results through growth plan development, team collaboration, partner relationships and oversight of integrated marketing programs. Responsible for developing and advancing brand positioning, mission / vision / values, digital marketing and lead generation, measured and refined through marketing analytics.

Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist

Han Williams joined Dstillery in 2013, following a two year period as a Science Fellow at Columbia University. She also worked as a Postdoctoral Research scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. and a B.A. in Physics and Applied Math.

Company Responsibility

Through a collaborative and inclusive process, the Dstillery community has identified Equality, Respect, Empowerment and Trust as its core shared values. They value diverse points of view across gender and gender identity, age, race, ethnicity or cultural background, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious belief, political affiliation, socioeconomic origin, and family responsibilities. Embracing diversity not only enriches the lives of their team members, it allows their business to thrive through smarter, more holistic decisions and better products and services. They are committed to taking actions that unlock and harness their values, including:

Workforce diversity

They will strive to foster a workplace that encompasses their values, with a goal of workforce diversity that reflects the world around them.

Inclusive workplace

Their goal is to provide an environment where their colleagues, clients, and partners are confident to be their most authentic selves. They are committed to providing ongoing programming to their employees, managers, and executives designed to celebrate diversity, build awareness and understanding of biases, and reinforce respect and trust.

Support our communities

They will continue to highlight the work Dstillers do within their communities. They actively support and spotlight that work as it connects directly to their core values, providing opportunities for Dstillers to support communities in need.

We will hold themselves and one another accountable to the values that define their Diversity & Inclusion commitment: Equality, Respect, Empowerment, and Trust. To learn more about their Dstillery’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

Customer Insights

“Dstillery has allowed us to target our marketing message with pin point accuracy as opposed to a board based massage that we had in the past. The result is an increased conversion rate.” – Sok Verdery, Director of Digital Strategy at Comporium


“Dstillery provides some of the purest and most reliable segments in the market!” – Programmatic Advertising Manager


“Dstillery has been a long-time trusted partner that’s continued to innovate.” – Agency in Automotive


“Quick responses, great recommendations, easy-to-use platform, performance-based audiences.” – Agency in Online Media


“The platform is extremely easy to navigate, and clients are always pleased with the audience insights we provide.” – Agency in Marketing and Advertising


“Our Dstillery reps have been very communicative and helpful with learning the system and its abilities.” – Agency in Marketing and Advertising


“Quick and easy segment setup. Team communication is there and is willing to help out.” – Agency in Marketing and Advertising