Collaboration and Development
San Francisco, California


Overall Rank: 621
Category: Collaboration and Development
Category Rank: 60


  • Top Software Company of 2021


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With roots in the computer science departments of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania, is bringing voice-to-text into boardrooms and meetings to make note-taking an automatic task. Based in San Francisco, produces a platform that is like an executive assistant that automatically transcribes and takes bullet notes from users’ phone calls and meetings, enabling clients to receive the most valuable insights from any call. That AI-enabled executive assistant, named Fred by the company, can be added into business calls using integrated scheduling and meeting software like Google Calendars and Zoom, quickly and seamlessly transcribing, sorting, and sharing meeting notes with ease. was founded in 2016 by CTO Sam Udotong and CEO Krish Ramineni, who began developing software together in 2015 at MIT, where a failure to scale a campus P2P delivery service led them to branch out into AI-powered voice recognition. After a long development and fundraising period, the company launched its product in 2020, rapidly growing to serve 10,000 teams using a bottom-up sales model. The platform is now used by companies like Twitter, Nike, Uber, Intuit, Salesforce, and more, and has been accelerated thanks to funding from Canaan, Khosla Ventures, F7 Ventures, and Stanford University.