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Fivetran solves a key problem faced by almost every organization trying to make better decisions: centralizing data for analysis without wasting engineering resources to build and maintain individual connectors to every data source. As a category-defining cloud data integration company, Fivetran manages its customers’ data pipelines, providing instant access to more than 1.5 trillion rows of data every month.

Fivetran automates delivery of data to leading cloud data stores (Snowflake, Looker, BigQuery, and more) the same way a utility company delivers electricity: by centralizing all of an organization’s data with self-healing capabilities to ensure data is delivered even when source systems change, including schema and API changes. As a result, companies can focus on putting their data to work without having to spend time figuring out how to find, collect, manage, and centralize the data.

Fivetran works with thousands of customers and hundreds of leading brands across the globe, including ASICS, Autodesk, BJ’s Restaurants, Conagra Brands, DocuSign, Forever 21, Lionsgate, Square, and Urban Outfitters. In June 2020, the company raised $100 million in Series C financing at a valuation of $1.2 billion, bringing its total funding to $163 million. Over the past year, the company has doubled its revenue and the size of its team, which now totals more than 550 employees. Fivetran guarantees 99.9 percent data pipeline up-time, and as a result, boasts an industry-leading 93 percent customer satisfaction rating. The company is headquartered in Oakland, with global offices in Denver, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, India, Russia, Australia, and Singapore.


Key Products

Powered by Fivetran

Powered by Fivetran is a managed service offering that enables cloud application providers and data insights companies a faster, more efficient way to build custom, data-powered experiences on top of the Fivetran infrastructure.

Data Source Connectors for Enterprises

Fivetran recently added new data source connectors for IBM, Oracle and SAP, helping to accelerate large enterprise organizations’ move to the modern data stack. These pre-built connectors, in addition to the 150+ others maintained 24/7 by Fivetran, ensure data engineering teams never have to waste time building and maintaining data pipelines.

Guaranteed Uptime

Managing more than one million syncs daily, Fivetran guarantees 99.9 percent data pipeline uptime. Its ever-expanding portfolio of connectors are maintained by a globally distributed team of more than 200 software and customer success engineers available 24/7/365.

Customer Success Team

Fivetran customers experience world-class support, as evidenced by the company’s industry-leading 93 percent customer satisfaction rating. In addition, 94 percent of Fivetran customers cited positive or very positive experiences with its support team.

Customer Insights

“We evaluated a lot of vendors in the space and Fivetran clearly stood out in terms of ease of use, the type of target schema it provides and the great customer support.” – Srinath Sura, Senior Engineering Manager at Optimizely


“We really like what Fivetran enables us to do. It is incredibly easy, fast and reliable. This has been a paradigm shift for us — it is the future of data pipelines and ETL and Fivetran is at the forefront of it.” – Marcus Laanen, Senior Manager BI at DocuSign