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Headquartered in Denver, CO, FullContact also has offices in Riga, Latvia; Dallas, TX; Kochi, India; and Tel Aviv, Israel. The privately held company focuses primarily on Identity Resolution and real-time API solutions. Their suite of cloud-based software is available to developers, businesses, and brands. In 2018, they acquired Contacts+, a mobile contacts management company.

Last year, the company’s office in India was listed by the GPTW Institute as a Great Place to Work. This may come as no surprise to its employees, who have enjoyed a “paid paid vacation” policy since 2012. Every employee is awarded $7,500 per year to use towards a vacation of their choice, the only requirement being they promise to disconnect and not work whilst away.

Recently, they launched 3 new privacy solutions – Safe Haven, Private Identity Sharing, and Privacy Compliance. Safe Haven is an encrypted environment that obfuscates and stores data, deleting PII. Private Identity Sharing enables brands, portfolios, publishers, and manufacturers to communicate via privacy-safe relationships. Privacy Compliance lets companies consolidate client data assets in real-time, securely and privately.

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Key Products

1. Resolve – Unify customer & prospect data by linking complete or fragmented identifiers to an individual.

2. Enrich – Transform a single identifier (like an email or a phone number) into a whole person.

3. AdTech/MarTech Solutions – Increase your revenue through our secure environments and incremental identities.

4. Brand Solutions – Deliver on your KPIs by leveraging Identity Resolution. Create better customer experiences and improve your media targeting, reach, and measurement across channels

5. Privacy & Consent Solutions – Keep up with the regulatory and systemic changes in marketing and advertising technology as it relates to individual identity. Balance the individual rights of consumers with commercial interests.

Key Executives

Chris Harrison – Chief Executive Officer