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Generali Global Assistance (GGA), a DC-based, business to business to consumer (B2B2C) care company, has been a leader in the assistance industry since its founding in 1963. A division of the multinational Generali Group, a 200-year-old insurance conglomerate with a presence in more than 50 countries, protecting people from life’s unforeseen events is in their DNA. Over the years, that singular goal has guided GGA’s Identity & Cyber Protection (GGA IDP) business as they work to minimize the impact of today’s risks. Thus, the protection and restoration of identities was a natural fit as they came to know and understand the devastating ramifications that identity theft and cybercrime can have on people’s lives and families.

In 2003, GGA IDP launched one of the first-ever identity theft resolution services, and since then the company has expanded their identity/cyber product line to offer a comprehensive suite of services, which can be accessed from one, easy-to-use online dashboard. Today, GGA IDP is the identity protection engine behind many Fortune 500 companies and is also proudly paving the way in offering identity/cyber protection and resolution internationally. In this vein, GGA IDP recently announced a partnership with Avast to support customers of the digital security leader with credit card freezes, lost wallet assistance, and real-time scam monitoring.


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Key Products

Tech support scams were the number one reported scam last year, according to Javelin, and scams themselves represented $43 billion of the $56 billion total identity fraud losses. According to the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report, internet crime complaints increased by more than 300,000 last year. Generali Global Assistance (GGA) is increasingly seeing bad actors gain access to victims’ personal devices – whether that be via a simple scam or a malicious phishing link cleverly disguised as one from a known and trusted business. The resulting damage caused by the infiltration of one’s device is wide-ranging and potentially devastating.

Iris Identity & Cyber Protection

Fortunately, GGA has the expertise to not just deal with these incidents, but also to help prevent them. The company’s Iris Identity & Cyber Protection suite encompasses the full circle of identity & cyber protection, including an engaging, easy-to-use dashboard specifically designed to put people in control of their identities and data. They combined their 360° high-touch personal support, advanced monitoring technology, and award-winning resolution services, with personal cyber protection services, including expert advice and guidance, data recovery and device clean-up assistance, and home internet restoration.

Cyber Risk Specialists

GGA’s dedicated team of Cyber Risk Specialists is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions customers may have about staying safe online and to assist with any cyber attack concerns. If they ever are a victim, the company will work to remove any malware or viruses from their devices via remote access.


GGA also offers ScamAssist®, a proprietary, first-of-its-kind scam prevention service. Customers can call GGA if they have any doubt about a specific solicitation and GGA will verify if it’s legitimate or not – taking the risk (for them and their devices) entirely off of their shoulders.

Today’s cybersecurity technology is a wonder, but it also has its limits. That’s why GGA created a people-first, human-forward identity & cyber protection service.

Corporate Responsibility

Generali Global Assistance (GGA) both understands and embraces the importance of social equity and diversity. The company continuously works to reflect this in every aspect of its business and throughout its corporate bodies. GGA’s dedicated Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee advocates for this goal, knowing that GGA will do its best work by ensuring diversity in its workforce across the various dimensions of social and cultural identity and by practicing inclusivity in how they work with one another. As such, the Committee will work towards increased Representation and Equity; create and run sub-committees to look into matters such as company policies and procedures, to educate & communicate, to foster community engagement, etc.; and help hold the organization accountable to its D&I goals. To reach these goals, the Committee is focused on a variety of short-term initiatives, including company-wide D&I trainings; internship opportunities for underrepresented groups within our organization, particularly in departments that see lower representation; as well as non-profit sponsorship and community outreach. 

On a broader level, GGA also follows the initiatives cascaded down by its parent company, Generali Group, who believes in taking concrete measurable actions to achieve our goals. As such, the company monitor its progress in this journey through the Group D&I Index and strategize at both the global and local level. In 2019, the company introduced The Group D&I Index that measures the progress its Group is making on the four Diversity and Inclusion ambitions (gender, generations, culture, and inclusion) towards 2021 Group ambitions. In 2020, GGA’s D&I Index grew to 106% year over year.

Customer Insights

“Tyson did an impeccable job and provided empathy, information, and efficiency throughout the whole situation. He instilled confidence and trust in assisting me with this fraud issue.”


“I am an educator with 2 Master Degrees, 65 YO Grandmother. I have spoken to thousands of people and I have never spoken to anyone that is better than Matthew Hill. He held my hand as I activated the account, he kept me calm and I am not a calm person. If I had to invent a guardian angel to help me, I would have created Matthew. He is the perfect CSR and I will never forget his name, I usually do not remember people’s name. I am so pleased and so grateful for him. He is better than a dream, he is wonderful. He has to be rewarded.”


“Katherine is so consistent and religiously did a follow up on my case without any hesitation. She is very respectful and I feel so confident of what she does. Excellent worker, she is a keeper. She is very professional and dedicated.


“The Service Representative that assisted me was very knowledgeable and helped walk me through the system to identify the problem and also resolve it. He even offered more assistance when I asked how to check my credit rating. He was very thorough with his instructions and I was able to navigate in the system very comfortably. I really appreciated all the assistance he gave to me.


“Resolution Specialist immediately put me mind at ease and clearly explained the alerts I had received as well as how to remedy them.


“The specialist that I spoke to was super helpful and very reassuring. I got through to a specialist immediately, no wait time at all.”


“Very helpful, professional, courteous, & quickly helped me resolve my issue. She walked me through it and stayed on the line to make sure all was fixed before hanging up.”


“The Specialist was very helpful, clear in his instructions, knowledgeable, and patient in walking me through the process to answer my questions.”