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Grammarly’s mission is to improve lives by improving communication. The company’s AI-powered writing assistant helps 30 million people and 30,000 teams write more clearly and effectively every day. With product offerings to empower everyone from students to professionals to enterprise workplace teams, Grammarly is helping people and organizations of all sizes around the world connect and thrive.

One of the world’s most well-known unicorn brands, Grammarly builds its product offerings to solve real communication and business challenges to help people and teams achieve their goals. Because effective communication requires more than just good spelling and grammar, Grammarly’s writing assistant provides real-time suggestions around multiple dimensions of communication, including correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Users consistently report that Grammarly’s writing assistant improves their ability to communicate effectively, while Grammarly Business helps enterprises, organizations, and teams of all sizes accelerate business results through better communication. On average, Grammarly Business customers see a 20% increase in efficiency and up to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction. By giving them the confidence to know they will be understood, Grammarly empowers people and teams around the world to communicate in English with impact.


Key Products

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant empowers people to communicate clearly and effectively, wherever they type. Grammarly’s feedback addresses four categories of writing: correctness (grammar and writing mechanics), clarity (conciseness and readability), engagement (vocabulary and variety), and delivery (tone, inclusive language, and more).

Grammarly’s free version helps detect the tones in a user’s writing and provides suggestions on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conciseness.

Grammarly Premium helps individuals up-level their communication, offering more robust feedback like clarity-focused sentence rewrites, tone adjustments, plagiarism detection, and advanced suggestions on word choice, inclusive language, formality level, and fluency. Premium users consistently report better results: 85% say they are stronger writers, 70% report increased writing confidence, and 76% find writing more enjoyable.

Grammarly for Nonprofits and NGOs supports over 6,000 organizations worldwide with a free offering, available through 2021.

Grammarly @edu is trusted by over 2,500 educational institutions with capabilities tailored to their needs.

Grammarly Business built for enterprises, organizations, and teams of all sizes to help them accelerate business results through better communication. Trusted by teams at brands like Zoom, Cisco, Expedia, and HackerOne, Grammarly Business offers all Premium suggestions and enterprise-level features to improve the quality, consistency, and efficiency of all internal and external communication. These features make Grammarly Business the first and only writing assistant helping entire teams and organizations stay on-brand with consistent communication. 

Grammarly Business includes:

  • Built-in, customizable company style guides (up to 50 in a single organization) to keep teams on-brand and in sync

  • Brand tones (first-of-their-kind tone profiles) to specify which tones team members should use and which to avoid

  • Snippets (preset response templates) for quick interactions with a library of commonly used phrases and messages

  • Robust analytics and administrative controls to drive continuous improvement

  • Seamless platform integration to enhance existing channels and workflows

Corporate Responsibility

Grammarly’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is foundational to its identity, what it creates, and how it operates. Grammarly empowers people in its workplace to raise awareness of and celebrate their differences. This mentality also effects changes in the company’s writing assistant. 

In addition to supporting an inclusive culture, Grammarly seeks to mitigate language biases and promote the use of inclusive and empathetic communication. This is built into the company’s product development approach, with internal teams and structured workflows focused on evaluating inclusivity and sensitivity of its product.

Grammarly’s writing assistant flags certain language that’s potentially non-inclusive or that might cause harm. For example, Grammarly provides suggestions around gender pronouns, including the proper use of neopronouns in communication. At the beginning of the pandemic, Grammarly also released a suggestion recommending use of the official nomenclature of “COVID-19” or “coronavirus,” rather than several xenophobic alternatives. Product changes like these create more space for inclusion, an essential part of open communication that ultimately propels innovation.

In addition, Grammarly is committed to serving its diverse communities through resources and content. The company partners with organizations aligned with underrepresented communities in tech to learn, make connections, and advertise roles. Grammarly also sponsors conferences that encourage diversity in tech and provides financial support to groups fighting injustice and prejudice, such as Equal Justice Initiative, Stop AAPI Hate, The Trevor Project, and others.

Grammarly continues to seek new ways to exemplify its mission of improving lives by communication. As one example, early in the pandemic, the company released a free product offering for NGOs and nonprofits worldwide to help them deliver on their missions. Since launch, its tailored Grammarly for Nonprofits and NGOs offering has helped over 6,000 nonprofits from over 150 countries achieve clearer, more effective communication to support their vital work. 

Customer Insights

“With brand tones from Grammarly Business, our entire team can stay on-brand in conveying the right level of confidence, while snippets provide an efficiency boost to meet our clients’ evolving needs. By enhancing both the speed and quality of our communications, Grammarly Business helps us elevate our level of service while staying competitive in a fast-evolving market.” — Miguel Enriquez, Chief Administrative Officer at Enshored (Grammarly Business user)


“We thoroughly evaluate all our potential vendors, and we were impressed with the transparency Grammarly offered regarding their certifications, their architecture, and their policies and practices. Their security posture materials made us really confident in trusting Grammarly with our data.” — Jose Costa, Chief Information Security Officer at Tugboat Logic (Grammarly Business user)


“Grammarly Business reduces the time our CMO and other senior executives spend reviewing written work. This says a ton about the value Grammarly Business brings to our organization both with productivity and consistency.” — Debbie Cotton, Manager of Internal Communications and Employee Experience at HackerOne (Grammarly Business user)


“Grammarly has radically changed how my coworkers view me. Before Grammarly, my writing was confusing and tortured. Now, I have people telling me how beautiful my writing is.” — Kostadis Roussos, Strategic Software Architect (Grammarly Premium user)


Grammarly Premium has been an absolute game-changer in my career. With Premium, I save a ton of time and write with more confidence than ever before.” — Ryan Long, Educator (Grammarly Premium user)