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Hootsuite was founded in 2008 as a startup with the mission to power social media for brands and organizations around the world. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Hootsuite offers an all-in-one SaaS solution that empowers customers to strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media. Hootsuite’s platform enables customers to manage all their social media channels from one place, allowing them to create and schedule posts to multiple networks simultaneously, monitor posts, manage and respond to incoming messages from customers, track and manage brand mentions and market activity, easily create and manage advertising campaigns, and measure and analyze users’ performance on social media.

In January Hootsuite announced the acquisition of Sparkcentral, which amplifies its digital customer engagement capabilities, to power social customer care by aggregating messaging channels into Hootsuite’s platform, allowing companies to strengthen one-on-one marketing channels and communications. In June 2020, Hootsuite announced the appointment of Tom Keiser as the new Chief Executive Officer of Hootsuite. In this role, Keiser is focused on leading the company through its next stage of rapid growth — starting with a 20% growth in people and setting his sights on global markets.

Since the company’s founding, Hootsuite has amassed over 213,000 paying customers, millions of users, and 1,000 employees around the globe. To date, Hootsuite has raised nearly $250M in funding and is trusted by global enterprise customers including Melia Hotels International, Clarins UK, SXSW, Virgin, World Wildlife Fund, and more.

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Key Products

Hootsuite enables users to manage all their social media channels from one place, allowing them to create and schedule posts to multiple networks simultaneously, monitor posts, manage and respond to incoming customer messages, create and manage advertising campaigns, and measure and analyze social media performance.

Hootsuite’s social listening tool, Insights Powered by Brandwatch, provides instant analysis of millions of real-time conversations happening on social media to help brands understand how they’re being perceived, allowing them to turn data into specific, actionable insights. This includes a better ability to react to trending moments on social, improved targeted messaging, and better brand protection.

Hootsuite’s Amplify product taps into the power of employee advocacy by making it easy for businesses to safely share content, equating to better brand health and employee engagement.

Hootsuite’s Curate by UpContent integration allows users to easily identify, review, approve and distribute compelling articles on their social channels that will drive new traffic, leads, and revenue. Curate’s intelligent discovery engine automatically surfaces articles on the topics that matter within Hootsuite, all while meeting compliance requirements through real-time compliance verification feature, Proofpoint. Proofpoint ensures Hootsuite customers in highly-regulated industries are compliant across their social channels. With this feature, social posts are automatically screened and customers are alerted in real time, while they type, to common compliance policy violations.

In order to address the demand in the market and help its customers scale operations during a crisis, Hootsuite acquired Sparkcentral, a customer engagement tool that enables 1:1 messaging via social channels and Heyday, an AI-powered platform that connects and serves shoppers in real-time, 24/7, through the social media platform of their choice. With these acquisitions, Hootsuite is doubling down on its vision to offer a complete set of tools for customers to deliver an end-to-end customer journey. 

Key Executives

Tom Keiser – CEO

Corporate Responsibility

Hootsuite has implemented new programs and initiatives aimed at promoting DE&I throughout the organization, including: 

  • Creating a DE&I Council, made up of employees and allies from diverse groups with the goal of promoting DE&I and strengthening that sense of belonging for all employees.

  • Hiring a DE&I manager to further DE&I throughout the employee experience and business strategy and hone a sense of belonging organization-wide.

  • Establishing and organizing ongoing executive listening sessions with CEO, Tom Keiser, and Chief People and Diversity Officer, Tara Ataya to elevate the voices of underrepresented groups within the company and establish a better sense of understanding.

  • Standardizing hiring processes to mitigate bias, including unconscious bias training for all employees. 

  • Offering employees culturally appropriate trauma counseling services to aid through difficult times in society. 

  • Implementing an annual DE&I survey and collaborating with third-party firms to conduct pay equity audits.

  • Restructuring employee benefits to ensure inclusivity is core, including increased coverage for mental health (6x), fertility treatment, gender affirmation surgeries, and more.

  • Partnering with Benevity to launch ‘Beyond the Nest,’ a new annual initiative where all employees at Hootsuite will be encouraged to engage in personal volunteering opportunities, alongside new company benefits that include paid volunteer time off.

  • Appointing the company’s first CSR Director, further cementing Hootsuite’s commitment to driving a positive impact in the neighborhoods and communities where its people live and work—while empowering a variety of global not-for-profit organizations with the tools and resources necessary to succeed on social media.

  • Partnering with Witness Change, a non-profit organization that exists to end human rights violations for marginalized communities. Hootsuite leveraged its Enterprise platform to enable the 1000 Dreams campaign—a photo-storytelling project authored by 40 refugee storytellers in Europe, with the goal of creating a global movement to change the narrative of the refugee experience.

Customer Insights

“Hootsuite has always been a partner – whenever I have a problem, I know I can pick up the phone. I feel like I’ve always had a team who understands our situation, our goals, and what we’re trying to do.” – Terry Coniglio, Director of Strategy at Georgia State University


“Hootsuite was key in terms of helping us manage the social scalability of the #GoodTimesOutside campaign. We were trying to be hyper-regional and deliver local content to different areas of the country. To manage that on social you either need an army of people or you need a tool like Hootsuite.” – Ryan McKee, Brand Engagement Director, MEC


“Working with Hootsuite gave us the insights needed to quickly shift our entire strategy to suit the change in customer demand that came with lockdown. Adapting our content accordingly has proved hugely successful and there are many positive initiatives, like the Clarins & Me service, that we will continue to provide long after lockdown.” – Deborah Holloway, Digital Media Manager, Clarins


“By putting social media at the heart of everything we do at Meliá, we had the ability to be super agile during a truly unprecedented situation. Because we had already implemented various tools and support from Hootsuite prior to COVID-19, we were able to react and shift strategies quickly to adapt to the changing situation.” – Santiago Garcia Solimei, Global Director of Social Media, Meliá Hotels International


“Hootsuite Enterprise helps ensure security, which breeds credibility.” – Greg Licamele, Director of External Communications, Fairfax County Government

Company Insights

“I feel like Hootsuite has the BEST interest of the employees at the top of their list. In addition, our HR department has also executed multiple programs around: mental health workshops and online app tools for 24/7 support, flexible benefit enhancements, fun engagement led sessions (cooking, yoga and strength training, random coffee), workstation ergonomic lessons, diversity and culture lightning talks, and so much more!” – Lisa Bozman – Manager, IT Business Engagement, Hootsuite