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In the modern technological era, revenue cycle management (RCM) has been key to the sustained success of medical practices and professionals especially during an unprecedented global health crisis. iMedX works alongside physicians’ groups and healthcare systems to streamline the processes in their RCM from end-to-end. The platform provides tech resources that medical professionals find crucial for data storage, analytics, and medical transcription and coding services. Easy to use clinical data registries promote more informed population health management, and expert, cost-effective abstraction services are offered by dedicated iMedX staff. The platform even offers extensive, up-to-date training in medical coding.

The Atlanta-based company is led by CEO Christopher Foley, a role he has held since 2013. The global medical transcription market is growing at a quick pace, and as health systems adapt to new executive and administrative technologies, many RCMs can be prone to error. iMedX aims to be the market leader offering improved solutions trusted by all players in the healthcare ecosystem.

Key Products

1. Analytics & Business Intelligence – Unify your operational & billing data for seamless decision making

2. Medical Coding – Discover a coding resource that meets your goals, operates smoothly within your system, and satisfies your need for dependable service. iMedX is structured and staffed to serve the healthcare industry exclusively, but more than that, our fresh approach ties our objectives to yours, netting you enhanced compatibility, compliance and performance.

3. Medical Transcription – Medical transcription is a critical part of the clinical documentation process. Today’s issues, such as backlogs and costs, can take attention away from the more serious issues, such as future-proofing your technology, increased staffing costs, and resource shortages.

4. Core Measures & Abstraction – From the initial implementation iMedX’s trained abstractors are your resource for abstraction, feedback and education. In essence, we partner with you to become an off-site member of your team, completing your concurrent or retrospective abstraction in a timely and effective manner.

5. Coding Education & Training – iMedX’s educational training programs are designed to maximize learning and retention, minimize productivity loss and increase mastery of ICD-10 at various levels. Our personalized, interactive classroom and self-paced study programs use multiple learning and assessment tools, which makes our comprehensive packages the premier training tools for preparing your staff for ICD-10.