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Toronto, Canada


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Category: Customer Management
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  • Top Software Company of 2021


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Influitive helps the world’s leading brands engage with their customers to drive business value across multiple dimensions. Customer referrals, references and reviews are now recognized as the most effective way to drive business growth and Influitive enables this at scale. Since 2010, Influitive has pioneered advocate marketing and built an easy-to-use SaaS platform that enables companies to design personalized journeys using advanced targeting, game mechanics and rewards that incentivize customers to promote their brand, adopt new product features and become loyal advocates.

Influitive is the G2 leader in Customer Advocacy and Online Community Management and has been recognized as a leader in Community software by its customers on TrustRadius, Gartner Digital Markets and Featured Customers. It is the platform of choice for customer-obsessed brands that want to drive customer engagement, build customer community, enhance customer experience, deepen customer loyalty and boost customer advocacy. Collectively, Influitive has recorded more than 100 million acts of advocacy and powered more than $1 billion in ROI value for its customers.

Led by CEO Dan McCall, Influitive is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with over 100 employees across North America and Europe. Global brands such as Adobe, Cisco, IBM, HPE, Mountain Dew and SoFi rely on Influitive to help foster collaboration, build trust and deepen relationships with customers for top-line growth and bottom-line profits.


Key Products

Influitive’s flagship product is its customer advocacy, community and engagement platform that gives businesses a better way to mobilize customer advocates by combining powerful tools and expert services and leveraging the authentic voice of its customers to drive growth. For community managers, Influitive helps them recruit and cultivate a loyal customer community that will provide invaluable insights that can be leveraged across a company’s entire business. Influitive’s core platform comes in two packages: Customer Advocacy and Digital Community

Influitive also offers Virtual EventHub™, a fast and easy way to create a live digital event for unlimited attendees. This all-in-one virtual event platform contains the same features and functionality as Influitive’s core platform, and customers with existing Influitive communities can either extend their existing hub to support a virtual event or create a separate event-specific hub that seamlessly connects to their community hub.

Influitive practice leaders and consultants offer a wide variety of services to help customers plan, design, implement and maintain their customer community. Packaged and a la carte services include program strategy, discussion, moderation, content development, graphic design, data analytics, project management, and administrator training. 

Influitive’s portfolio of services include: 

1. Launch: A range of 1:1 consulting, training and creative services to help companies launch successfully from day one.

2. Events: Supercharge engagement efforts and mobilize advocates to unlock the full potential of your events.

3. Hub: Helps operate and refresh customer programs, create campaigns and build out segmented, personalized customer journeys.

4. Data: Powerful reporting options and custom dashboards.

5. Strategy: Assistance from expert consultants in hitting all engagement and advocacy goals.

6. Engineering: Support customers who want to integrate their tech stack with Influitive to deliver a better and more personalized customer experience. 

7. Upshot: Helps companies effortlessly produce authentic customer stories at scale.

Key Executives

Bronwyn Smith – Former Vice President Services and Operations

Mark Organ – Executive Chairman

Corporate Responsibility

Influitive’s vision is to set a high standard for engaging digital journeys that drive a positive change in society. Its mission is to become the foundation of its customers’ digital experiences to increase engagement, improve relationships, achieve better outcomes and provide actionable insights. 

Influitive has three core values:

1. Customer First: Everything they say and do is in the eyes of its customers and their best interests. Customer issues and concerns are its top priorities, and their success is everyone’s responsibility.

2. Win as a Team: They believe the greatest results are best achieved through teamwork and diversity of thought. They assume positive intent, insist on the highest standards, and support collective growth.

3. Take Ownership: They hold themselves accountable every day to focus and deliver on what’s most important and needed for forwarding progress and resolution. They act as leaders and agents of change.

Additionally, Influitive has a diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity and adversity (DIBEA) working group. The group is called Team Symphony and helps the company ensure it is thinking and acting in an ethical, moral and caring way across the business. This includes fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity for all members of the Influitive team, as well as being conscious of the world around them and the impact it has on Influitive employees, customers and partners.

Customer Insights

“The Influitive Advocacy platform is probably the best out there in terms of features and functionality, flexibility and ease of use, supported by granular and detailed reporting that helps to see the value of what your advocates are helping you to achieve. The platform comes with some good customization features “out of the box”, but if you want to really go to town, the Influitive team is on hand to help tailor the platform as you want.” – Jon Ashley, Head of Global Customer Advocacy, Sage


“The Influitive platform is a game-changer! We’re reasonably early in our journey but can already see the huge benefits of using this intelligent platform to deepen our relationships with our customers.” – Huw Wigley, Post-Sales Marketing Manager, SUSE


“Influitive’s AdvocateHub is easy to use and helps me engage my customers in a meaningful way. Best of all, Influitive is committed to my success and is more of a partner than a vendor.” – Jessica Mitchell, Sr Customer Advocacy Program Manager, Wiley