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Since 2011, Intercom has innovated communications between internet-based businesses and their clientele with its dynamic messaging platform. The San Francisco-based company provides much more than just a chat room for its customers, allowing businesses to retain client conversations and related data, leading to more personalized interactions.

When Eoghan McCabe, Des Traynor, David Barrett, and Ciaran Lee founded Intercom, their goal was to provide internet-based businesses with their own messenger, one that might bridge the gap between small startups and their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Now, with a customer base of over 30,000, Intercom’s suite allows businesses to track and filter customer data, attract new clients with custom messaging, and to improve lines of communication. Integrating email, in-app messaging, and live chat, Intercom has become a standard-bearer for online business communication and revenue generation.

As of July 1, McCabe is transitioning from CEO to Chairman, placing current COO Karen Peacock in his former role. Together, they plan on expanding Intercom’s services to attract even larger clients, like new additions Amazon, Facebook, and Lyft. The company’s steady growth and interface improvements have been boosted recently by $125 million in series D funding, which they hope leads to further innovation providing communication solutions across the customer lifecycle.

Key Products

1. Business Messenger – Engage and support customers with chat and much more, including conversational bots, interactive apps, self-service tools, and proactive product tours.

2. Management tools – Efficiently manage customer interactions across all your channels in one place with collaborative inboxes, automated workflows, reporting, and more.

3. Customer data platform – Use customer, company, and behavioral data to help personalize and target customer interactions.

4. Apps & integrations – Automate actions, keep data in sync, and improve efficiency with 250+ out-of-the-box apps—or choose to build your own.

Key Executives

Karen Peacock – Board Advisor and Former CEO