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Slack’s business communications system uses Internet Relay Chat (IRC) applications for team members to stay in touch via chat rooms organized by topic, or private messaging. In late June, the company rolled out a new feature called Slack Connect, a business-to-business capability that allows companies to communicate more efficiently. This expands their offerings from being primarily an internal chat tool to establishing external services that can link companies while keeping all data and missives secure.

Slack’s major competitor is Microsoft Teams, and both companies saw a steep rise in use while more people started working from home to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Slack recently partnered with Amazon Work Space (AWS) in a multi-year agreement, in which AWS chose to adopt Slack for their business communications and will develop new services to enable the chat giant to increase its size and capabilities. Slack went public in April 2019, when its shares rocketed to a $21 billion valuation.

Key Products

1. Deal Management – Simplify the evaluation and execution of deals with a purpose-built tool designed to provide complete pipeline visibility.

2. Deal Sourcing – Leverage the only deal sourcing platform that accelerates the deal management process – from sourcing and deal marketing to diligence and close.

3. Deal Marketing – Intralinks is streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process. With less manual effort, more insights and more security, we’re protecting NDAs, CIMs and reputations everywhere.

4. DealVision – Intralinks’ DealVision application is purpose-built for participants on the buy-side of a transaction, designed to match actual workflow needs and providing transparency into the deal team’s activity in real-time.

5. Virtual Data Room – Jumpstart your next M&A deal with an Intralinks Virtual Data Room (VDR). Accelerate your deal with automated setup, preconfigured workflows and real-time insights that identify and rate your most interested buyers.