Digital Product Design
New York, NY


Overall Rank: 372
Category: Business Processes
Category Rank: 41


  • Top Software Company of 2020


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In the world of digital product design, InVision has been leading the pack since 2011. The New York-based software company offers a start-to-finish digital design product platform that has transformed the way many companies look and operate. The cloud-based platform helps businesses and professionals create, collaborate, and manage development and design from the prototype stage to the finished product. InVision provides a wide ecosystem of utilities that integrate with other design toolkits, such as Sketch, and their Freehand whiteboard tool is finding use in industries outside tech.

Co-founders Clark Valberg and Ben Nadal currently lead a remote workforce of 700, operating without physical office space entirely, which has kept the company thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes as no surprise that InVision software has been used by companies that have become household names. Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and Lyft are among those whose iconic designs have benefitted from the company’s user-friendliness and ease of collaboration. The company is already valued at nearly $2 billion, making it a design unicorn whose growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Key Products

1. Prototype – Transform static designs into clickable prototypes

2. Craft – Craft is a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop that revolutionizes your design process.

3. Inspect – Where design and development work like magic

4. Freehand – InVision Freehand empowers your entire team to create together, all in one place.

5. Studio – The world’s most powerful screen design tool