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In 2013, Andrew Boni, who worked at Google on AdSense, teamed up with former Twitter engineer Justin Zhu to found Iterable, a platform that lets marketing managers send messages to potential customers. As its name implies, the philosophy behind Iterable is that you’re given a platform to iterate, to try out many different approaches across a range of channels, leveraging data to build customer relations and engagement. From Iterable’s dashboard, salespeople can orchestrate welcome campaigns and trials, targeted sales, promotions, and product updates across mail, mobile push, SMS, in-app, web push, and direct mail channels.

Iterable also offers a feature called sent time optimization (STO), an AI-powered sending tool that automatically determines the time to send an email for engagement based on a user’s historical behavior. Over 300 customers have used STO to send more than 2 billion messages from more than 100,000 campaigns.

To date the company has attracted over 800 clients, including DoorDash, Fender, Calm, Box, and In June 2021, Iterable announced the close of a $200 million Series E that values the company at $2 billion post-money. The funds will be spent on hiring, marketing, and R&D initiatives, with an eye towards geographic expansion.


Key Products


This powerful metadata tool unites all of a brand’s most valuable data to give markets the opportunity to design a perfected 1:1 content experience. The resulting content enriches engagement and raises customer trust to new heights across a broad audience base. Catalog distributes relevant content that is based on each customers’ unique data set of actions, behaviors, and interests. The content is further honed by specific data analysis for audience engagement, geolocation, purchase history, and more. The visual building experience empowers marketing professionals to create intuitive Collections of this dynamically-created content.

Iterable AI

Another guaranteed promoter of customer connection, Iterable AI is able to automate routine tasks, accelerate growth behaviors, and leverage business intelligence solutions at every juncture of the customer experience. Brand Affinity from Iterable adds on to translate cross-channel engagement into compelling user labels that match the attitudes of the customer. Send Time Optimization will lock in with unique data analysis to predict when a certain customer is most likely to interact and get involved with a business’ messages. These AI-powered tools contribute to an enhanced customer experience and produce ideal engagement metrics.

Workflow Studio

This user-friendly creation interface can automate message coordination across all channels without a hitch. Tailored messages through email, mobile, social media are simplified by a drag-and-drop interaction methodology. The Studio’s workflow logic engine interprets customer behaviors to guide them through the business process. Top-notch filtering and segmentation capabilities give the user a granularly-targeted push for customer-related communications. Real-time editing technology is in place to mitigate user-customer friction, and open potential alternative paths for campaigns.

Corporate Responsibility

Charitable Causes

Iterable’s Chariterable Volunteer Program brings the company’s core values of trust and balance into fruition through employee growth and community development. The program truly shines during annual volunteer weeks, in which Iterators participate in local community charity initiatives such as GLIDE, SF Recreation and Parks, the Denver Rescue Mission, and Muttville, a senior dog charity. Though the Chariterable Volunteer Program has only been around for a few years, each quarter has seen around $4,000 donated by Iterators — with Iterable matching that 1x for a total $8,000 in contributions.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Iterable recruitment team has used Textio for all job postings in an effort to prioritize language that is gender-balanced and entirely inclusive. Applicants are sourced from workforce diversity groups such as Techqueria, a tech industry collective which supports Latinx professionals and promotes unique hiring opportunities.

The affinity groups within the Iterable team are Women’s Network, Black at It, Remote Employees, Mixed Identities, Zenit, and Pride for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

In-person events in past years have encouraged the celebration of diversity. The company marked the Lunar New Year with a Chinese banquet, held a Women in Leadership Q&A panel for Women’s History Month, and sponsored a staff trip to the Museum of the African Diaspora in honor of Black History Month.