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  • Top Software Company of 2022


Canadian supply chain management and sales and operation planning software giant Kinaxis is responsible for providing subscription-based management solutions to some of the world’s leading multinationals. The company has been around since 1984, when it was founded as Cadence Computer by Duncan Klett. Having gone public in 2014, it has grown to an impressive $250 million in annual revenue, with a team of more than 1,100 employees in 13 international offices.

Kinaxis is best known for its supply chain management software RapidResponse, a subscription-based program that enables partners such as Ford, Raytheon, Nissan, and P&G to digitally transform their supply chains. In recent years, the company has driven innovation in AI for real-world problem solving, and its third-party platform integration has contributed to a revolution in third-party industry application development and management. For its impressive accomplishments in the software world, Kinaxis has been recognized frequently by international industry organizations, most recently with distinctions from Gartner, SDC Executive, and a Digital Innovation Award from Ventana Research.

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