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Since founding Kyriba in 2003, serial entrepreneur Jean-Luc Robert has served as Chairman and CEO, leading his company to the top of the business finance world. Kyriba’s cloud-based treasury management software has become a standard-bearer, with over 2000 organizations benefiting from its ease-of-use, advanced visibility, as well as enhanced financial control. Robert’s company employs an “Active Liquidity Network” to connect the systems, data, and applications that keep a business booming.

In a global financial ecosystem, risk assessment and management are crucial. Kyriba’s cloud-based SaaS platform allows institutions to mitigate the threats associated with foreign exchange (FX) markets. It also provides comprehensive fraud prevention and security measures which can limit the access of potential hackers. Once a company’s funds are secure and risk is minimized, active liquidity helps to drive overall growth. The software also provides an accurate real-time look at the organization’s entire financial system, fostering greater decision-making.

After 20 years as an industry-catalyst, Kyriba is no stranger to accolades. In 2020, the company was named North America’s “Most Innovative Fintech Company” by Global Finance Magazine.

The new Payments Network suite provides solutions to modern problems involving cloud-migration and global-bank connectivity. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Kyriba serves over 2500 clients worldwide and has an ARR well over $100 million. The company counts organizations as diverse as Spotify and The New York Times.

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Key Products

1. Active Liquidity Network – Activate and protect enterprise-wide liquidity in ways never before possible.

2. Treasury Management – Transform how you use liquidity as a dynamic vehicle for growth and value creation.

3. Payments – Drive Innovation, improve efficiency and defend against fraud.

4. Working Capital Management – Generate additional free cash flow and improve EBITDA

5. Risk Management – Gain insight into how currencies are impacting financial results and cost-effectively manage FX exposure and risk.