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When Lloyd Tabb started Looker in 2012, his experience in programming combined with an entrepreneurial spirit to create the perfect foundation for his software startup. Less than a decade later, Looker was acquired by tech giant Google for $2.6 billion, adding the data collection app to its Cloud. In addition to its outstanding data analysis platform, Looker brings aboard its customizable dashboards and dedicated customer support. Its web-based data discovery app now has access to an even broader database thanks to the massive partnership, providing its customer base of over 1600 clients and counting with the tools to make better decisions.

With Looker’s platform, data analysis isn’t limited to SQL experts, as the program translates information into easily-understood visualizations and graphs. The enterprise SaaS company has passed another major milestone, achieving annual revenue of over $100 million, and becomes another valuable asset in Google’s market share. Business intelligence software is growing more valuable as data remains a crucial resource for any business, large or small. Alongside Tabb and co-founder/CTO Ben Porterfield, the company is led by CEO Frank Bien.

Key Products

1. Business intelligence – Data experiences to meet every department’s need. Give everyone a unified view of what is happening.

2. Embed analytics – Create new revenue streams and reduce costs for your customers by delivering data applications that enable powerful insights.

3. Looker Blocks – The new Looker Blocks clear the way for marketers to get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box analytics for Google Marketing Platform advertising data, Google Analytics 360 data and Google Ads data.

4. Looker Marketplace – Discover new solutions for valuable use cases and get a fast, seamless installation process… all within the Looker admin interface

5. Data Dictionary – The single-source-of-search for business users to search and trust all metric definitions