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SaaS company MuleSoft sells integration software that connects applications, data, and devices. Their Anypoint Platform integrates on-premises software, legacy systems, SaaS, and a variety of other platforms. The company went public in March of 2017 and was acquired by Salesforce one year later for $6.5 billion. Last year, MuleSoft reported over 1,400 employees and 1,600 customers, including Wells Fargo, Siemens, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Asics.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform provides a wide range of Application Programming Interface (API) tools including API Designer, a graphic design tool shareable amongst team members; API Manager, where developers can control user access and create policies for APIs; Anypoint Analytics, which tracks performance, usage, and other metrics; Anypoint Exchange, where users can store and access documents; and CloudHub, an iPaaS managed service. The world’s top API platform recently announced its new MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare, a system that will help securely connect electronic health records with public health data networks.

Key Products

1. Anypoint Platform – One platform for APIs and integrations