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In 2011, MURAL was launched to give teams a secure, digital workspace to collaborate visually from anywhere. To do this it relies on a digital whiteboard canvas that allows colleagues and clients to share ideas and brainstorm, even when they’re remote. Today, MURAL leads the market with best-in-class security and facilitator features that help teams collaborate using 200+ goal-oriented templates, digital sticky notes, images, diagrams, drawings, and more.

When the pandemic accelerated the need for businesses to create while working remotely, visual collaboration went mainstream. According to MURAL, prior to 2020, its monthly active users were in the hundreds of thousands. By August 2020, however, the company had added over a million monthly active users. Currently the company supports nearly 80 percent of Fortune 100 global enterprises. Clients such as IBM, IDEO, Autodesk, Intuit, GitHub, and Atlassian use the MURAL platform to work together — at any time and from anywhere.

Because of the company’s accelerated growth, MURAL has recently attracted new backers. In August 2020, MURAL closed $118 million in Series B funding, giving it a total $142 million. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and San Francisco, MURAL’s teams are spread across California, Colorado, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and beyond.


Key Products

This collaboration management software is an essential accessory for business planning. Organizations can count on MURAL’s customizable workflows to sharpen decision making and improve team interactions. The platform offers document storage with its centralized AES-256 encrypted repository for protected data sharing among team members.

MURAL contains an innovative thinking canvas that gives participants the opportunity to display their ideas on a digital interface using sticky notes, and categorize critical information with its easy-to-use frameworks, flowcharts, and diagrams. Other features include mind maps, idea capture, client discovery, and personalized templates. Its unrivaled scheduling functionality gives administrators tools to time activities, invite select users, and set up role-based access points for particular canvas sections. Project completion can be tracked through targeted polls and content fragmentation.

Administrators rely on MURAL to arrange workshops, map out customer journeys, and elevate brainstorming sessions into productive team-building symposiums.


MURAL has designed over 200 creative templates to keep collaboration sessions intuitive and exciting.

Company Dashboard

Administrators can get all pertinent information in a unified platform. With valuable insights, extensive management resources, and user-friendly controls, MURAL’s Company Dashboard gives a true bird’s eye view on company activity at scale. Five inventive pages of this dashboard break down company insights, billing groups, API keys, self-serve IPOs, and general settings.


MURAL’s modernized security solutions inspire companies to be confident in entire work ecosystems. All programs are provisioned with best-in-class protocols, flexible safeguards, and are routinely updated to meet international standards.


Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Impact

MURAL has employed ingenious methods to cut down on its carbon footprint. The company has reduced travel expenses through its design thinking sessions to the tune of $16.4 million. Per session, a median of two employees are able to avoid traveling. Around $2.7 million was saved in the cost of supplies for in-person sessions. MURAL cut down its use of paper products and on-site catering and passed the savings onto environmental initiatives.

Charitable Causes

MURAL for Nonprofits is an offering tailored to serve nonprofit organizations designated as a 501(c)(3) or international equivalent. Certain groups may qualify for an entirely free nonprofit workspace, or a 50% discount on any plan. The full package comes with 10 free workspace memberships for teams, 25 guest licenses for clients, and unlimited visitors. Nonprofits need only check-in once a year for renewal.

Diversity & Inclusion

MURAL’s gender population is 41% women and 50% men, with 9% preferring not to answer.

The company has installed a diversity, inclusion, and belonging task force comprised of employee volunteers. They conceive of special events to draw awareness to multiple dimensions of social systems and identities that interact with one another, including sexual orientation, ethnic background, and parental status. The task force works closely with MURAL’s ERGs to ensure the workspace is safe and inclusive.

MURAL started the learning session “Culture Connection” to foster multi-cultural appreciation and let staff share their unique journeys.

Key Executives

Celeste Olivieri – Sr. Director of Product Design