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New York’s Namely is a renowned HR solutions provider for mid-sized companies across America. Their platform is an all-in-one human resource department, providing services benefiting both employers and their workforce, like payroll and benefits administration. An intuitive interface provides ease-of-use, encouraging employee engagement and productivity, as well as giving businesses the tools to properly manage their talent. With Namely’s software, everything from onboarding, time management, and compliance is covered, saving businesses time and offering more opportunities for executives to focus on keeping their employees happy.

Since 2019, Namely has been helmed by CEO Larry Dunivan, who remains committed to keeping both customers and employees satisfied with their workplace and prepared for long-term success. Over 500 Namely staff members support their client base of nearly 1300 companies across the globe.


Key Products

Namely is the HR software company that empowers mid-sized businesses to build better workplaces. Its cloud-based solution brings HCM, benefits, insights, payroll, and time into a single-view platform to help modern HR teams make data-driven decisions about their people and understand what’s going on in their workforce. The Namely ecosystem includes powerful integrations with market-leading applicant tracking, identity management, ERP, compliance, EVerify solutions, and more. From HR to the C-Suite to employees, Namely believes that accessible data has the power to make everyone more strategic and impactful.

From engaging remote workforces to evolving compliance and legislative requirements, its clients face a unique set of challenges. To keep employees connected and informed, Namely offers a combination of software solutions and services to help HR manage effectively and under any circumstances. The company further differentiates the client experience through personalized and easy-to-use applications.

Further differentiating itself in the market, Namely has taken a new approach to customer service, which has resulted in a significant increase in satisfaction from its focus on the client experience and commitment to understanding customer needs. Rethinking the traditional approach of outsourcing critical functions, Namely emphasizes personalized support, improved efficiencies, and timely enhancements.

Corporate Responsibility

Namely cultivates a culture of balance, collaboration, and learning. Employee benefits include unlimited time off and access to physical, mental, and financial wellness platforms, with options to participate in yoga sessions, fitness challenges, book club meetings, cooking classes, social events, and more. Moreover, opportunities through mentorship programs, tuition reimbursement, upskilling, and career pathing help employees increase their knowledge base and develop professionally. 

Namely stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and social movements, formally recognizing Juneteenth as a paid holiday, hosting cultural events and panels, providing employees with relevant educational resources, and taking actionable steps toward justice. Namely also has a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Development Program to support the career advancement of BIPOC employees through mentorship and coaching. With DEI a top initiative, Namely mobilizes its Employee Resource Groups, where employees participate in programs focused on advocacy, allyship, and social justice. Employees are encouraged to act and own advancing D&I at Namely, with the help of an Executive Sponsor from the leadership team. 

Through its core value of Giving, Namely provides opportunities for employees to volunteer or donate to charitable causes, having partnered with Daymaker and the Equal Justice Initiative to impact change in the community. 

Namely confirmed its support for Time to Vote, a business-led initiative that ensures employees don’t have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck, giving employees the time and tools they need to be active and engaged citizens.

Namely’s SpeakHer Mind program amplifies voices that share practical and positive steps to build workplace environments that empower women. Developed by Namely’s WomenIN Employee Resource group, the group’s mission is to cultivate and nurture a community of women and advocates supporting and educating one another while providing resources to the women of Namely to aid in their professional and personal development.

Customer Insights

“We love that Namely is a tool for everyone, not just HR. It’s especially helpful for new employees to learn, not only someone’s name by seeing their photo, but also a little about them, the office location they work from, the role they play and the team they are on. It’s a very useful tool for those with offices across state lines to connect socially on the home page.” – Trish Swope, Director of HR, Archer Malmo


“I can’t emphasize enough that the partnership I’ve felt with the Namely team is why I want to stay with this product.” – Lauren Della Morte, People Operations Manager, Bevi 


“I love how intuitive Namely is – especially because we conduct audits throughout the year. If we wanted to pull data for these audits and create reports in the past, it would take upwards of a week of work just to obtain that data and put it into an excel spreadsheet. With Namely, we’re able to pull that data and create all the reports we need within a day.” – Adrian Gajda, People Manager, Vita Coco

Company Insights

Namely CEO Larry Dunivan commented, “When we know our clients, we can solve their problems more quickly or even prevent them before they happen. We spent the last year looking at what’s needed now and how Namely can help. We will continue to do this, adding features that make HR easier for small- and mid-sized businesses, even during challenging, or otherwise uncertain times.”


“I’ve worked at a few companies and never came across a place with such an amazing, progressive culture. Namely encourages everyone to speak their mind and have conversations that lead to growth, not just for their careers, but for social change as well. Namely has given me an opportunity to become a leader in the DEI space by creating an ERG that focuses on people who identify as women. These grassroots organizations were started by employees, are run by employees, and are for the employees.” – Erin Rittweger, Associate Product Manager


“Overall, Namely is one of the best companies I’ve worked for. The culture is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It is such an open minded and conscious culture that encourages employees to care about each other.” – Matt Zambrio, Director of People


“I go into every meeting, call, and discussion with the confidence that I can be myself and my voice will be heard.” -Aaron Masanque, Manager of Professional Services