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As the global standard in process management and automation, Nintex is on a mission to improve the way people work. Everyday ops, IT, process professionals, and power users across more than 10,000 organizations leverage the powerful, easy-to-use, and complete capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform to drive business outcomes and accelerate digital transformation.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 have standardized on Nintex to manage, automate, and optimize their business processes, rapidly digitizing hundreds to even tens of thousands of workflows across their organizations. Notable customers include the likes of Amazon, AstraZeneca, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, GM Financial, Salesforce, and Zoom.

Nintex has been recognized as a Digital Process Automation (DPA) leader by Forrester Research and a leader in three of Aragon’s vendor evaluations related to accelerating digital business transformation: Digital Business Platforms (DBP), 2021; Digital Transaction Management (DTM), 2021; and Workflow and Content Automation (WCA), 2020. The company is also on track to surpass the $250 million ARR mark and is one to watch in the exploding Intelligent Process Automation market, which, according to Gartner, has a forecasted value of more than $31 billion by 2024.


Key Products

Nintex is the global standard for process management and boasts more than 10,000 public and private sector clients across every major industry and 90 countries. Industry leaders like Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Zoom, Coca-Cola, and Nationwide leverage the Nintex Process Platform to accelerate digital transformation by managing, automating and optimizing enterprise-wide business processes with powerful and easy-to-use software. 

Headquartered in Seattle (Bellevue, Wash.) and with more than 850 team members based around the world, Nintex has made five strategic acquisitions since its inception – four of which have taken place in the last three years. Acquisitions include document automation vendor Drawloop (known today as Nintex Drawloop® DocGen for Salesforce) in July 2015; process management software vendor Promapp (now known as Nintex Promapp®) in August 2018; robotic process automation (RPA) provider EnableSoft, maker of Foxtrot RPA (today marketed as Nintex RPA), in March 2019; K2 Software, Inc. in October 2020; and, most recently, electronic signature software firm AssureSign in June 2021. The company’s acquisition of K2 was its largest, adding 2,000 customers and complementing Nintex’s automation platform with robust low-code application development capabilities. 

In July 2021, the company announced the latest release of its cloud-first, next generation Nintex Workflow Cloud including more than 100 connectors to systems of record and integrated AI-based capabilities.  The company’s new Intelligent PDF Form Converter within Nintex Workflow Cloud instantly converts static PDFs into interactive digital forms. 

Nintex is focused on selling to IT, Ops, and process professionals, power users, and business unit executives who are looking to deploy modern digital solutions to address manual, paper-based business processes and tedious, repetitive tasks. Nintex provides the industry’s most complete process automation management platform with integrated capabilities for process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, RPA, DocGen®, eSignatures, low-code app dev and process analytics.

Key Executives

Eric Johnson, CEO

Eric has more than 20 years of financial and operational experience at mid- and large-sized software companies. He has served as Nintex CEO since early 2018, growing the company to more than $250 million in annual sales, and previously served as Nintex CFO. Eric graduated with honors from the University of Portland with a degree in finance.

Transparency, Respect Dictate Johnson’s Decision Making At The Helm Of Nintex


Corporate Responsibility

Nintex is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment—where every team member feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to reach their fullest potential. Diversity makes a business strong. Equity ensures that Nintex’s best work gets visibility. Inclusion helps a culture thrive. 

Diversity is a competitive advantage and smart business decision; Nintex’s  diversity efforts will only be successful when matched with equitable and inclusive practices. 

Nintex believes diversity, equity and inclusion is important:

  • For each of us. Diversity helps everyone learn new perspectives outside of their own. Equity ensures that everyone is treated and compensated fairly. Inclusion helps everyone feels more engaged and empowered.

  • For the company. Organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion are outperforming those that don’t. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the best way to growth and prosperity.

  • For the community. Nintex strive to create a workplace that reflects and represents the diverse communities around the world and continues to invest in causes that are working towards equality.

As Nintex more intentionally begin its DEI journey, Nintex is taking a simple focus with tangible actions and measurable outcomes:

  • Awareness: Nintex has increased focus on informing, educating, and developing the skills needed to interact inclusively in a diverse environment. Nintex has also begun to unify and amplify diversity-focused recognition and celebration events through our global Culture Committees. 

  • Advocacy: Nintex has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) available for all employees, with the aim to support and promote the affiliation, equality and visibility of diverse groups. 

  • Assessment: Nintex is actively surveying and pulsing to better understand the diversity that exists in the company and the experience of each of the team members, including access to opportunities, resources, feelings of safety, voice and overall belonging.

Customer Insights

“As an organization and a service provider, Nintex has shown they are committed to developing and offering solutions that allow a fully integrated business, like Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, LLC., to meet a variety of business needs – now and in the future.” – Robert Johnson, Senior Manager, Enterprise Transformation, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, LLC.


“We’re committed to providing our customers with great flight experiences at the lowest fares. Effective process mapping and management provides clear visibility into every business process at Wizz Air and our team is empowered and excited to continue to improve our processes.” – Joel Goldberg, Chief Digital Officer, Wizz Air


“I was impressed by the flexibility and consistency of Nintex and how much it could get out of Zendesk and Salesforce.” – Yesenia Orozco, Channel Operations Manager, Zoom


“The longer our business uses Nintex workflows, the more business-critical they become in helping us to achieve our goals.” – Sam Cumming, Senior Project Manager, iNova Pharmaceuticals


“I’ve never seen adoption pick up so quickly. We started seeing vacation requests come through and get approved very quickly, and every time the process worked as intended. There was no guesswork involved. We knew we could bring the same usability and standardization to other processes, all inside the same easy-to-use platform.” – Santiago Gomez, Digital Transformation Director, Williams Engineering Canada