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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are adopting virtual workplaces and utilizing video’s power of engagement. With long roots in internet-based business, ON24 is a leader in virtual event management and webinar marketing. Founded in 1998 as Newsource, ON24 has grown from a video distribution center to offering fully-functioning creative webcasting useful for any industry. The ON24 platform includes a video presentation suite that encourages viewer interaction, as well as providing the creators with access to crucial new information. Businesses can organize archived videos into playlists, create categories for easier searching, and even full on-demand content hubs. ON24 also offers live services, which are proving essential as more offices operate remotely.

ON24’s grand pivot into the SaaS world was spearheaded by CEO/President Sharat Sharan, a long-time internet executive and passionate entrepreneur. His company has seen accelerated growth yearly and recently reported surpassing the benchmark of an ARR over $100 million.

As the internet’s leading webinar marketing platform ON24 employs a strong workforce of around 500 employees, a number that is climbing during a time of high unemployment.

ON24 serves over 2000 customers worldwide, and their platform drives more than one billion minutes of engagement per year.

Key Products

1. ON24 Platform – The ON24 Platform powers live, always-on and personalized experiences that businesses need to create engagement, deliver data, find demand and drive revenue.

2. ON24 Webcast – create webinar experiences that wow your audience and grow your business.

3. ON24 Target – create personalized content experiences that activate your best content and accelerate buying journeys.

4. ON24 Intelligence – Get to know your audience beyond just a quantifiable click or view and start to understand their qualitative behavior.

5. ON24 Engagement – Use ON24 Engagement data to inform, orchestrate and trigger actions across your operations.

Key Executives

Sharat Sharan – Founder, President and CEO