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Founded in 2009, the American cloud computing software company uses machine learning and automation to alert users to outages and disruptions. Operating as a standalone service or integrated into an organization’s IT system, PagerDuty is used by such big names as GE, Vodaphone, American Eagle Outfitters, and

Last March, the company filed its S-1 with the SEC for an IPO and went public on the NYSE in April 2019. More recently, they’ve upgraded their portfolio of tools to include more analytics capabilities and automation. Their Intelligent Triage system streamlines IT incident management by aggregating signals from almost 400 tools that monitor, observe, and ticket contextual data. This enables IT teams to increase productivity by eliminating a host of manual tasks.

In the year since it went public, PagerDuty saw its stocks rise 140%. FactSet estimates their 2021 revenue at over $200 million.

Key Products

1. On-Call Management and Notifications – PagerDuty’s on-call management capabilities make it simple to distribute on-call responsibilities across your teams.

2. Modern Incident Response – Protect revenue and improve customer experiences by resolving critical incidents faster and preventing future occurrences.

3. Event Intelligence – PagerDuty is the only platform that blends machine and human telemetry, looking at both digital signals and human response behavior to optimize your digital operations.

4. PagerDuty Analytics – PagerDuty Analytics combines machine and human response data to provide modern operational insights to business and operational leaders, enabling them to drive process maturity and better business outcomes.

5. PagerDuty Visibility – PagerDuty is the only platform that provides both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences, enabling them to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.