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Category: HR Processes
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  • Top Software Company of 2020


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No matter the state of the job market, PayScale provides the essential service of tracking and comparing compensation across a multitude of industries and careers. Since 2002, the Seattle, Washington based company has provided instant compensation information to both individuals and businesses alike. Not only can individuals gauge their professional value, businesses can thoroughly assess their own compensation practices.

PayScale utilizes both crowdsourced and company-sourced information to create a database of over 54 million salary profiles, making it easy to make compensation changes even during times of economic hardship. The company’s new CEO Scott Torrey looks to massively grow PayScale, which has already surpassed the $100 million mark in ARR. After a fresh majority investment by Francisco Partners, PayScale received a valuation of $325 million. Current customers include such large companies as T-Mobile, Dish Network, UnitedHealthcare and Time Warner.

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Key Products

1. PayScale’s Salary Calculator – Accurate, real-time salaries, for thousands of careers.

2. PayScale Salary Negotiation Guide – Salary Negotiation Guide you can filter by scenario to see only the advice that best fits your situation, collect the data to support your request for a raise, and then learn how to negotiate your salary and benefits in three easy steps: Research, Strategize, Negotiate. It’s the most comprehensive resource for prepping for your next salary negotiation.