Ping Identity
Denver, CO


Overall Rank: 537
Category: Cybersecurity
Category Rank: 56


  • Top Software Company of 2022


The reigning champion of identity management software solutions, Denver’s Ping Identity leverages decades of experience to help clients sniff out fraud and verify user identities at lightning speed. First established in 2002, it has demonstrated explosive growth throughout the digital work revolution, establishing nearly a dozen locations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Among its major offerings are identification verification products PingID, PingFederate, PingOne, and PingAccess, which taken as a whole have been recognized as a major component of the world’s identity metasystem architecture.

Posting almost $300 million in revenue last year, Ping Identity is pursuing aggressive expansion into global information technologies. It has been recognized as best in class for cyber defense and identity and access management by Cyber Defense, CRN, and Info Security, and its Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Andre Durand has been honored for advancing innovation by the APEX Awards.

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