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Privacera pioneered the industry’s first SaaS-based data governance and security solution that integrates privacy and compliance across multiple cloud services. They help organizations use data effectively and responsibly, guiding them along their data journey.


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Key Products

Data Governance Tools

Privacera automates data access, security and policy management across multiple cloud services from a single, unified interface.

Automated Discovery

AI-enabled automation to identify sensitive data.


PrivaceraCloud is the industry’s first SaaS-access governance solution that works with Apache Ranger to provide centralized management of data access, authorization policies, and auditing in public cloud environments.

Access Control

Data access control across an enterprise presents a problem, with vast investments of personnel and financial resources required. Make centralized access control a straightforward endeavor with Privacera.

Improve business agility with the built-in access request automation workflows security access controls that allows for full network transparency, eliminating silos, and providing easy access to administrators.

Deliver better data security services to your organization while streamlining secure data access and producing a unified, consistent user access management policy across the entire organization.

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

To enable self-service analytics, data democratization is desired as it puts data in the hands of as many users as possible for advanced analytics, which partly accounts for digital transformation’s dominant theme of migrating to the cloud to improve data access. However, managing the inherent data security and privacy risks of making data widely available has become an arduous task. This concern is magnified across modern hybrid- and multi-cloud architecture in which data access policies are consistently applied across settings and tools. The cybersecurity community has come up with defensive mechanisms like the layered security approach and the zero-trust architecture, but at the core of them is securing mission-critical information at the data level. Privacera provides comprehensive, end-to-end cloud data protection consisting of automated sensitive data discovery and classification, centralized access control with distributed native enforcement, and dynamic data masking. One critical capability that supports the entire data protection value chain is Privacera Encryption.

Key Executives

Balaji Ganesan, CEO and Co-Founder

Balaji Ganesan is CEO and co-founder of Privacera, a SaaS-based data access and governance platform that enables analytics teams to access data without compromising compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Before Privacera, Balaji and Privacera co-founder Don Bosco Durai, also founded XA Secure. XA Secure’s was acquired by Hortonworks, who contributed the product to the Apache Software Foundation and rebranded as Apache RangerTM. Apache Ranger is now deployed in thousands of companies around the world, managing petabytes of data in Hadoop environments. Privacera’s product is built on the foundation of Apache Ranger and provides a single pane of glass for securing sensitive data across on-prem and multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Snowflake, and Starburst and more.

Linda Khachooni, CFO

As CFO of Privacera – the cloud data governance and security leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™ – Linda has been a valuable and trusted member of the Executive Team. She brings 30+ years’ experience working with early-stage growth companies to her position at Privacera where she is responsible for finance, legal, operations/HR, negotiations, fundraising,and organizational processes. Most notably, Linda has helped increase Privacera’s team by 130 percent, and she secured outside funding for the company whose mission is to enable data democratization without compromising compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Prior to Privacera, she was an integral part of the C-Suite for a number of emerging businesses where she oversaw financial management and growth, and managed M&A activities that led to acquisitions by AT&T, eBay, Smith Micro, Riverstone, and Excite.

Company Responsibilty


Diversity, inclusion, and openness with their teams, partners, and customers. They value teamwork where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute and collaborate.

Customer Focused

Privacera are obsessed with their customers’ needs, delivering excellence via customer-centricity and always-there-for-you support.

Strategically Decisive

Privacera believes in moving forward aggressively and tactfully with strategic decisions aligned to their mission of product excellence and innovation.

Transparent Integrity

Privacera are transparent in how they communicate. They value integrity and trust each other.

Customer insights

“Working with Privacera and AWS has given us the tools and capabilities we need to put the customer at the center of our business and compete in a hyper competitive market.” – Don Geukers, Sun Life Director of Cloud Infrastructure & Operations


“Privacera is one of an elite set of companies that has the most potential to tectonically shift how enterprises operate for the better.” – Enterprise Tech 30 (ET30), Wing Ventures


“Starburst customers are focused on unlocking access to their data everywhere, and it can’t happen without the right security controls in place. Data governance is absolutely critical and Privacera makes that possible with their Apache Ranger-based solution.” – Justin Borgman, Starburst, Co-Founder & CEO

Company insights

“Privacera pioneered the industry’s first SaaS-based data governance and security solution to help our community balance the competing mandates of data democratization while adhering to applicable privacy and industry compliance regulations across multiple cloud services. We help organizations use data effectively and responsibly, while also accelerating their digital transformation by helping them safely migrate data to the cloud, including minimized compliance risk.” – Balaji Ganesan, Privacera, Co-Founder & CEO


“Now is a pivotal time for businesses to prepare themselves for the future and take control of their data. Privacera is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to automate sensitive data discovery and simplify high-fidelity data access policy enforcement across modern analytical workloads. We’ve seen tremendous growth and are positioned to help even more customers get up to speed and stay compliant.” – Don Bosco Durai, Privacera, Co-Founder & CTO