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The interactions between buyer and seller are measurable, creating actionable data that can make or break a company’s sales. Atlanta, Georgia is home to SalesLoft and its industry-leading total sales engagement platform. It runs complementary to CRM programs, offering an end-to-end sales experience built for small and medium businesses and enterprises alike. The dashboard’s capabilities are enhanced through intelligent integration with other leading platforms like Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, strengthening strategies through advanced analysis and improved insight visibility. With SalesLoft, customer relationships are stronger, which means revenue grows faster.

The cloud-based platform allows sellers to generate a pipeline, manage deals, and engage customers from one location. Through each step of the revenue lifecycle, sales departments can create and maintain usable connections through a variety of tactics like e-mail marketing and social media engagement. Automated “cadences” engage in processes that match established winning strategies, freeing sales reps to focus on improving their relationships with clients. Companies can also design automation to react to CRM health scores, helping drive expansions, upgrades, and renewals, as well as maintaining overall positive customer experiences.

SalesLoft was founded in 2011 by Kyle Porter and Rob Forman, who lead their company based on five core values that emphasize teamwork, a customer-first approach, and general optimism. These philosophies have created an environment that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has called the “Top Mid-Sized” workplace in Georgia’s largest city. In 2019, the company raised $70 million in funding led by Insight Partners, giving it an estimated valuation near $600 million.

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Key Products

1. Sales Email – Connect. Measure. Engage.Make every conversation count.

2. Cadence and Automation – SalesLoft gives your sales team a single platform to sell more quickly and effectively.

3. Opportunity Management – Get the intel you need to ensure winnable deals don’t fall through the cracks.

4. Conversation Intelligence – Get the insight you need to coach for success, optimize performance, and increase win rates.

5. Dialer and Messenger – Super-charged dialing and texting from the industry’s leading Sales Engagement Platform.

Key Executives

Kyle Porter


Christine Kaszubski – Chief People Officer

Sydney Sloan – Former Chief Marketing Officer