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In the midst of a global health crisis, online learning has become a new normal for students and teachers, making learning management systems (LMS) more important than ever. Founded in New York in 2009, Schoology is a cloud-based platform built for learning, classroom coordination, and social networking, uniting educators, students, and families. With Schoology, online education is made easier for everyone involved, allowing for a collaborative environment geared toward ensuring students get as much of a chance to succeed as they would have in a physical classroom.

Schoology offers a variety of tools for creating engaging learning materials, designing lessons and implementing lesson plans, and student assessment, all in one modern interface. The platform integrates with other essential applications like Google Drive, Blackboard, Dropbox, and YouTube, and many more, creating an educational ecosystem that fosters collaboration between educators, administrators, and students, as well as educational publishers.

In 2019, Schoology was acquired by PowerSchool, the market leader in K-12 education technologies boasting over 45 million students and counting. Together, they are providing tools for educators and students around the world, while generating revenue approaching $500 million. Schoology, fueled in partnership with PowerSchool, looks very much like the classroom of the future.

Key Products

1. PowerSchool is doing everything we can to make it easy for districts to get up and running with distance learning.