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Screening Eagle Technologies provides a technology platform for intelligent inspection of the built environment. The company was created through the merger of Dreamlab in Singapore and Proceq in Switzerland with a mission to protect the built world with software, sensors and data. Screening Eagle’s full-stack inspection solution combines intuitive software and powerful portable sensors to deliver reliable data for construction and asset maintenance decisions.

Powered by data from intelligent and autonomous inspection, Screening Eagle is on a steep growth path to realize its vision of predictive healthcare that extends asset life and increases long-term value for asset owners.


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Key Products

Inspection Software

INSPECT is a comprehensive, cloud-connected software platform that seamlessly integrates into a customer’s inspection workflow – facilitating data collection in the field and reporting the way they like it in a fully digital, customizable and collaborative way.


Workspace is the web-based collaboration & management platform for all inspection work and is complementary to any of the Screening Eagle apps. It allows ALL Screening Eagle users to collaborate, manage and share inspection records from anywhere at any time, by simply signing in with their Screening Eagle ID.

Post-Processing Analytics

Analyzing and post-processing data is a crucial task for the deepest insights and is key for efficient data-driven decision-making. To streamline this process, Screening Eagle has developed intelligent and platform agnostic software to suit customer’s needs for ground penetration radar (GPR) and ultrasonic pulse echo data.

Concrete Structures

Software-powered technology stack to perform visual, imaging and vital sign assessments of concrete structures. This allows customers to determine material properties, identify defects and capture what is hidden inside concrete structures non-invasively (non-destructive testing) as well as see into the concrete, clearly and deeply with outstanding visualization and rich data capture, even in the most challenging scenarios. This is collaborative, intelligent software with rapid reporting and superior image processing. Their software-enabled sensor solutions cover the latest innovations such as GPR (ground penetrating radar, also called ground radar, ground penetration radar, concrete scanner), Ultrasound Pulse Echo Imaging, Ultrasound Pulse Velocity, Impact Echo, Pile Integrity, Eddy Current rebar locators, half-cell potential, resistivity meters, rebound hammers and more.

Road Safety

Screening Eagle’s road portfolio covers the latest innovations for testing the visibility of road markings, traffic signs and airport markings. By entering the age of autonomous vehicles that rely on well maintained road markings, it’s become more critical than ever to establish greater uniformity and higher standards. Measure the retroreflectivity of road markings, studs, signs and other reflective materials accurately and efficiently with Zehntner Retroreflectometers. Intelligent mapping software, full traceability, and real-time data sharing.

Metal Components

Hardness variation and strength and metal corrosion, cracks and defects both are under control using Equotip hardness testing and Proceq flaw detection devices.Flaw Detection

With intelligent, user-friendly hardware, combined with efficient workflow possibilities and fast reporting options, they truly broke the mold for portable ultrasonic flaw detection.

This allows customers to measure thickness and material composition with instant data visualization for more productivity. Accurately detects and evaluates cracks, porosities, delamination and any other defects in different materials such as metal, composites, and plastics. A flexible partner for all inspection needs with the traditional or advanced Phased Array technique.

Industrial & Other Surfaces

Ultraportable, wireless instruments for easy data management. They provide clients with the most innovative tools to measure various surface parameters from appearance factors like gloss, to material parameters like hardness. Their industrial surfaces portfolio also covers roll hardness testing, and automatic paint film applicators. Swiss made quality, ultra-lightweight hardware, with heavy-duty possibilities. Equotip portable hardness testers and Zehntner Glossmeters detect any signs of fatigue, resistance, corrosion and wear characteristics, accurately and efficiently.

Key Executives

Marcel Poser, CEO

Marcel is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and disruptor in the technology space. He is CEO and co-founder of Screening Eagle Technologies and the co-founder of Screening Eagle (Tectus) Dreamlab in Singapore. Marcel also serves in leadership positions of companies within the Tectus Group, where he was Group CEO from 2011 to 2020. He joined the Group in 2002 with BBR VT International where, as CEO from 2006 until 2011, he transformed the BBR Group into the world’s largest engineering franchise.

He earned his undergraduate engineering degree from Zurich University of Applied Sciences and a Master’s degree from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in 2001. In 2016, Marcel became the 30th alumni of the University of Texas at Austin to be recognized with the prestigious Outstanding Young Engineering Graduate Award.

Dr. Antonio Caballero, Chief Technology Officer

Antonio, in his cross-functional role as CTO, has a special focus on harnessing and developing business synergies arising in the fields of technical excellence and digital technology – across Tectus Group companies, as well as from emerging technologies. He is a Board Member for various companies within the Tectus Group, such as BBR VT International Ltd, Proceq SA and other subsidiaries. Antonio joined Tectus in 2009 with BBR VT International where, first as Head of R&D and later as CEO, he led an expansion of the product and technologies portfolio, in addition to introducing new business lines, strengthening its production and supply chain ensuring continued competitiveness and best-in-class performance, while enlarging the geographical reach of the BBR Network into new territories in Asia and the Middle East. Antonio has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering as well as a PhD in computational fracture mechanics from the School of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Craig Rice, Chief Inspection Officer

Craig has successfully led multiple businesses and projects throughout Southeast Asia over the past 26 years. His diverse experience includes engineering and construction, property development, steel trading, biofuels and ecommerce. Craig earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia’s faculty of Applied Science and an MBA from IMD in Switzerland. He has been involved with the Tectus Group companies since 2001 and joined Tectus Dreamlab as its Executive Director in 2015.

Darren Burford, Chief Sales Officer

Darren is a seasoned technology sales leader with 20 years of IoT and SaaS experience in sensor and software sales leadership. After an extensive career within the field of 3D Geospatial Technology, Darren joined the Screening Eagle team as Chief Sales Officer to oversee global sales operations, sales marketing and customer service, reporting directly to Co-Founder and CEO Marcel Poser. Darren spent over two decades in the IoT connected building and lighting industry having built up business operations at Andromeda Telematics (acquired by Schneider Electric) and held various commercial leadership roles at Schneider Electric and Dialight. He has been involved with the design, project management, engineering and delivery of a wide range of projects and disruptive technologies.

Donald Monson, Chief Strategy Officer

Donald is a corporate strategist and financier, technology evangelist and entrepreneur, having served in leadership positions across several Tectus Group companies focused on strategy, corporate and business development, partnerships and finance. He joined the Screening Eagle team after an extensive career in investment banking and venture capital. Until 2018, Donald was a Senior Managing Director at Evercore Partners in Menlo Park, CA leading its Global Internet and Digital Media investment banking practice. Earlier, Donald worked for J.P. Morgan in London, Hong Kong and San Francisco advising media and technology companies on M&A, equity and debt transactions. He began his career as an entrepreneur founding a successful start-up out of college and then as a venture capitalist at Siemens Venture Capital investing in new media and technology during the dot-com era.

Hélder Varandas, Chief Financial Officer

Hélder is an experienced financier who has accrued vast knowledge during his career in finance, administration and compliance. He joined the Tectus Group in January 2009 as Senior Accountant covering the entire range of finance and accounting and has been involved in several M&A and capital market transactions, as well as leading various restructuring projects for international groups. In recent years, his focus turned to operational control mainly for the Proceq Group where, from 2016 Hélder has been CFO while also leading the Global Sales team and IT department. He began his career as an apprentice within an accountancy firm and then worked for a trust company where he was responsible for accounting and reporting. Now well-versed across several national and international accounting standards, Hélder graduated as a chartered accountant from the school of Economics and Business Administration in Zurich.

Risto Doncev, Chief Product Officer

Risto is an entrepreneurial management professional with over ten years’ international management experience in high-growth technology industries and with disruptive technology start-up businesses. He is a firm believer in challenging the status quo to power customer value add. Risto has held various corporate development and management positions in Sensirion, Baumer and the Tectus Group. Through his business activities in more than 20 countries, he has developed cross-functional and cross-cultural teams using his natural empathy, curiosity and strong team spirit.

Jan Seidler, Chief Information Officer

Jan is a business oriented IT executive with 30 years of professional experience of leading tech organizations, ranging from building up startups to senior level assignments in listed enterprises.

After having grown as a successful entrepreneur in the Fintech industry, Jan served internationally in companies like eBay Inc., Global Blue SA, Peek & Cloppenburg, Unwire ApS and Canary Connect to manage a multitude of processing systems, marketplaces, IoT platforms, payment and eCommerce solutions within CIO-, CTO-, CPO- and Chief Architect roles.

Earlier in his career Jan was invited to join a group of technology specialists to be an advisor at the German Chancellery, while his assignment as Head of Product Strategy & Disruptive Innovation at eBay contributed to the company earning the US National Medal of Technology & Innovation, America’s highest honor for technological achievement.

Customer Insights

“My clients were impressed that I can provide them with a report within the same day of the inspection.” – Canadian Cutting & Scanning


“The two main benefits of Screening Eagle Inspect have been time and cost savings, and increased connectivity” – TSM C&S Consultants PTE. LTD


“INSPECT makes us more efficient to give better products to our clients” – Vinci Technology Centre UK LTD

Company Insights

“We are very pleased to be recognized as one of the top AI companies in Switzerland. Artificial intelligence and machine learning open up an entire world of possibilities for asset inspection and predictive structural health monitoring. It´s an exciting time!” – Antonio Caballero, CTO at Screening Eagle Technologies.