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Sibros is an award winning connected vehicle software company located in the heart of Silicon Valley, guided by passionate leaders with deep automotive tech industry roots, and backed by renowned strategic investors.

Sibros powers the connected vehicle ecosystem with its automotive IoT platform forend-to-end vehicle lifecycle management including over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and precision data logging. Sibros’ solutions are hardware agnostic for rapid integration with any vehicle make, model, and architecture, including EVs, ICEs, hybrids, two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, tractors, trucks, and more.


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Key Products

Deep Connected Platform

Powering the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem.

The Sibros Deep Connected Platform (DCP) is a vertically integrated vehicle-to-cloud system combining market leading embedded firmware and SaaS applications that enable 3 core pillars for connected vehicle success.

OTA Deep Logger

Collect & filter high precision edge data from every ECU.

Collect high quality connected vehicle data from every ECU and network domain based on configurable event parameters, rules, and filters with OTA Deep Logger.

Enable better diagnostics and connected services for fleet management, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, location-based services use cases, and much more.

OTA Deep Updater

Full vehicle and whole life cycle software updates.

Break the limits of outdated Over-the-Air (OTA) software update systems with Sibros’ OTA Deep Updater.

Send deep, safe and secure OTA software updates or calibrations to every ECU, at any life cycle stage, from engineering to production and post-sale.

Offer continuous and reliable updates to avoid and streamline recalls, lower maintenance and warranty costs, and deliver vehicle feature upgrades overnight.

OTA Command Manager

Activate deeper remote command services and diagnostics.

Take both user and diagnostic commands to the next level with OTA Command Manager.

Unlock a deeper and broader range of remote command services that can be configured on-demand, for both owner and OEM diagnostic needs across manufacturing, engineering, and service technician roles.

Key Executives

Hemant Sikaria, CEO & Co-Founder

Hemant Sikaria is CEO of Sibros responsible for overall strategy, people, stakeholder and customer outcomes. Before Sibros, Hemant was an early engineer at Tesla where he helped build its well known OTA and software management systems, later serving as technical lead for Tesla’s Body and Chassis Firmware division. After Tesla, Hemant co-founded Sibros with the mission to connect and manage all software and data between vehicles, networks and the cloud to help OEMs deliver new safety, security and feature upgrades, both remotely and at scale. Hemant earned his Bachelor and Master degrees with honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kris Smeds, CTO

Kris Smeds is CTO at Sibros where he oversees firmware, engineering, and technology development for the company’s Deep Connected Vehicle platform used by leading OEMs and mobility brands. Kristofer was an early firmware engineer at Tesla, before moving to Zoox, where he was the lead software developer for the vehicle gateway controller for autonomous controls, and later served as Senior Manager of Firmware. Kris earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechatronics from the University of British Columbia.

‍Mayank Sikaria, President & Co-Founder

Mayank Sikaria is President and Co-Founder at Sibros, where he is responsible for overall product, business and customer strategy. Prior to co-founding Sibros, Mayank worked at Faraday Future where he incorporated state-of-the-art practices in the vehicle development and validation phases. Mayank holds three patents, as well as Functional Safety (ISO 26262) certification and a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Xiaojian Huang, Chief Digital Officer

Xiaojian serves as Chief Digital Officer, responsible for executing the vision and strategy around all of Sibros’ cloud, software and infrastructure initiatives. Before Sibros, Xiaojian was Head of Product Engineering for autonomous delivery company Nuro. Prior to Nuro, he was the first container team engineer at Uber, eventually taking on the role of Engineering Manager, leading the team responsible for building Uber’s critical workload infrastructure.

Debra Kurth, Chief Legal Officer

Debra Kurth is Chief Legal Officer for Sibros, responsible for developing and leading legal strategy to promote and protect company interests, as well as partnering with cross-functional stakeholders to execute key initiatives. She has over 20 years of combined law firm, in-house and professional services experience as a trusted advisor in the areas of commercial and corporate transactions, compliance, intellectual property, and employment matters. Debra holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Pennsylvania State University.