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SlashNext was founded in 2015 during a significant rise in phishing, morphing payloads, and a very strong belief that phishing would grow from email into a multi-channel problem and become the number one cyber threat to organizations. There was a recognition that something needed to change.

SlashNext built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) phishing detection engine with virtual browsers and behavioral analysis using computer vision, natural language processing, and several machine-learning classifiers to detect and stop well-crafted multi-payload phishing attacks that delivered multiple communication channels, including legitimate infrastructure.


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Key Products

SlashNext Complete™

Multi-channel phishing protection platform for users across email, web, mobile and API. Stop 65% more spear phishing, legitimate service compromise, BEC, rougueware, SMiShing, social engineering and other human compromise attacks in Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, Box, SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other messaging channels.

AI-Powered Email Security for Microsoft 365

Protects users from targeted credential stealing, supply chain threats, spear-phishing, trusted service compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware, and malware link threats that elude other security solutions up to 65% of the time, according to Tolly Group independent testing.

SlashNext Mobile Security

Stop smishing and business text compromise with zero-hour phishing protection against the broadest range of phishing threats in any mobile application. Available for business, personal BYOD, and home use.

SlashNext Browser Protection

Protect users from the broadest range of zero-hour phishing sites with cloud-powered browser protection that is better than browser isolation. Available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and more.

Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs

Powerful AI machine learning APIs designed to protect the brand and reputation of corporate, internet, messaging, hosting and all other cloud services from advanced phishing threats worldwide.

SlashNext Phishing Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

A simple way to see what is evading current email defenses. The secure assessment is easy to run with Microsoft 365 or weblogs and requires less than 10 minutes of setup time.

Key Executives

Patrick Harr, CEO

As CEO of SlashNext, Patrick Harr directs a workforce of security professionals focused on protecting people and organizations from phishing anywhere. Prior to joining Slash, Harr worked as the CEO of Panzura, which was acquired by Profile Capital Private Equity. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for Kobai Inc as well as DEOsphere. Harr graduated from Tulane University with a BA in political economy and Russian, as well as received an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Atif Mushtaq, Founder & CPO

Atif Mushtaq is the founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of SlashNext. Atif is the visionary behind SlashNext’s patented innovative cloud-based SEER™ phishing detection technology. Prior to SlashNext, Mushtaq spent 8 years working at FirEye, eventually becoming a Senior Staff Scientist. Mushtaq graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Management and Technology Lahore.

Customer Insights

“From day one, SlashNext delivered a simple and quick deployment to immediately stop phishing from entering the organization without compromising employee privacy and productivity” – Paul Guerro, CISO, Stockx


“SlashNext phishing protection solutions did not interfere with the productivity of students and faculty because of the accurate, and low false positive plus the education at point of click reinforced training” – Noe Arzate, IT Director, Mount Pleasant Independent School District


“With broad coverage and high accuracy detection there has been a significant reduction in phishing incidents across the organization” – Jeff Foyd, CIO, Lincoln International


“We use SlashNext to stop phishing that was bypassing our current defenses. Within 30 days of deployment Slash Next stopped over 300 threats from impacting our organization.” – Edgard Capdevielle, CEQ, Nozomi Networks


“SlashNext’s powerful Al/ML technology with virtual dynamic analysis further expands our coverage against zero-hour, evasive phishing threats.” – Steve Bassi, CEO, Polyswarm

Company Insights

“When cybercriminals launch successful multi-channel phishing and social engineering attacks, the results are massively disruptive to people, organizations, and the economy. This is the number one cyber challenge that organizations face globally, and bad actors are only increasing their attacks in Linkedin, MS Teams, Messenger and Slack and taking advantage of the most vulnerable part of organizations – its people. This is why we continue to see considerable growth in customers and ARR since the introduction of our multi-channel AI defense service.” – Patrick Harr, SlashNext CEO