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Socialbakers’ Marketing Suite helps influencers and organizations that rely heavily on the impact of social media to develop competitive insights, optimize and manage ads, and follow brand-related conversations across multiple social media platforms. They also offer consulting services within their platform, and help users measure fan growth, monitor performance compared to industry leaders, and schedule and publish content.

Deep-learning algorithms set them a step above their competitors, which help users determine the best content to put out to keep their brand moving forward. Recently, they released their State of the Influencer Marketing Report, which focused on how COVID-19 has impacted the likes of Instagram models and niche goods vendors. They found that ad usage dropped 37% from April 2019 to April 2020, and that micro-influencers are considered hotter commodities than their counterparts with millions of followers. With information like this, Socialbaker lets those whose incomes hinge on likes and follows cultivate the types of marketing strategies that can still be effective in a pandemic economy. As stay-at-home industries may continue to trend long after quarantines subside, the social media marketing software will keep growing stronger.

Key Products

1. Social Media Management – Intuitive, collaborative, built for maximum efficiency across teams – the exact solution for social media manager’s needs.

2. Social Media Marketing – From understanding your audience to precision budgeting to influencer intelligence, always go to market with the right strategy.

3. Content Strategy – Boost content engagement across channels. From knowing what content your audiences love to what content works for your competitors – all you need in one AI-driven solution.

4. Listening and Intelligence – Access the intelligence you need to succeed. Whether it’s your audience, competitors or brand advocates, know the real impact they have on your brand.

5. Influencer Marketing – From effortless influencer identification to benchmarking, measuring and reporting campaign performances, the Socialbakers solution has everything you need to succeed.

Key Executives

Dagmar Sevcikova – Former VP, People